Swansea v Wycombe – Player Ratings

Why not take a minute or two to rate the players performances from this afternoon’s game against Wycombe Wanderers – who was your man of the match?

[statsfc-player-rater key=”Q6j66KJJG0MLIJoeqVDWmiH3Z6d7Cun_sI4_E7Le” team=”Swansea” date=”2021-04-17″ timezone=”Europe/London” default_css=”true” omit_errors=”true”]

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  1. The way Swansea go from tidy to dreadful is astonishing. But one thing is clear: they must play either Routledge or Dandha in midfield. Routledge is more robust though he can’t run like he did. But they are the creative players we have who can play 10. Hourihane is a disappointment in that role. Lowe is much better running on than playing with his back to goal so he needs someone who sees the pass. Cullen’s knack of turning up in the right spot to finish is encouraging. Watford are catchable if we stay in play mode not can’t-play mode but who knows if we can?

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