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Swans mourn the passing of Neil Robinson

For those of us of a certain age the name of Neil Robinson will be remembered with many happy memories from the Tosh era and those halycon days where we were one of the best sides in the country. It was therefore with sadness that I read on Twitter a…

The mystery continues as striker plays for Ukraine

Last summer’s transfer business looks worse as every game passes with the omission of one of the big money signings Mykola Kuharevich even more baffling with Luke Williams’ preference for crossing into the box. We were told at the Fans Forum held before the Cardiff City game that the 6…

Happy Birthday to a Swansea City legend

There are many occasions when the word legend is uttered in football circles when it is nowhere near deserved.  It is a word banded about very easily but the reality is there are very few who actually earn and deserve the word legend but one of them today turns 70…