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Tuesday, 19 September 2000, 0:00
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The 358 members of the MAGS have long supported the club financially through sponsorship and travel by getting exiled fans to games from throughout England. At times over 100 members have attended fixtures as a result of the supporters group putting on NO PROFIT travel and sending out newsletters to supporters. This is done without any support from the club, no fee’s, no free tickets, no assistance and no support financially or otherwise. The group were made official by the Doug Sharpe administration in 1995. They have also fixed end of season dinners in Gloucestershire where over 100 members have supported the club by attending and raising funds for Swansea City AFC. This latest swipe at genuine fans is seen as the most confrontational declaration of division against any football supporter and will be fought intensely. The administration at The Vetch Field has continuosly hounded this supporters group since they took over at the club in 1997. The latest confrontation is a clear sign to all Swansea City supporters that the club do not care about the people who support the club through thick and thin. A small selection of the membership, including children were to present the club with a cheque for a thousand pounds for youth development at the sponsored fixture and were paying between forty and fifty five pounds a head for the day. Previous sponsorships have seen mistakes made with player details and sponsorship details. Previous sponsored games have resulted in the club failing to carry out the promises made to fans paying good money to meet the clubs personnel. This has resulted in members writing complaints to the club for it to be rectified. This aside the supporters group, when badgered in the press by the club have continued to strive to build bridges between the club and it’s fans. It seems that this final incident is a declaration by Swansea City AFC that all they want is for fans to put up their hard earned cash and keep their mouths shut. This clear signal to Swansea City fans backed by a man who is clearly trying to obtain some sort of media status ( Mr Mike Lewis ) will be fought as strongly as any football protest has been fought anywhere in recent years. And this includes Brighton, another club who have shown complete disregard for their supporters in recent times. This is not seen as any slight against the team, who under the guidance of John Hollins have shown excellent battling qualities. The players should recognise that this supporters group, it’s affiliated members in Ireland and off shoot groups in Northern England support the team on the pitch 100 % The issues here lie with a club who have declared that when questions are asked, supporters are banned. It is clear the club have things to hide and this will spur us on to find out exactly what they are. We have extensive membership, many professional people all of whom are qualified to refute the recent allegations of the clubs debt, the failed AIM flotation, the tales of players coming to the club, and the embarressing ground move which has been launched on seven occasions and has made us as Swansea supporters a laughing stock. The club have a policy of divide and conquer, they will harness some supporters, turn them against others and run down decent fans because they show an ounce of intelligence and can see through some of the pathetic claims that the clubs administration have made in recent years. They are clearly afraid to face up to real fans who show more loyalty and support than they have ever been showed back. It is clear they would rather deal with hooligans as opposed to decent supporters from a group who have never had one ejection or arrest at any Swansea game since their inception. Today The Midlands Avon & Gloucester Swans have been shown the red card by a club who have fought against the supporters group for years. And every decent supporter of Swansea City should show their utter contempt to the clubs administration. We immediately request a public apology and require our members to be made welcome at the club at all levels, tonight a number of junior members are being told that they are not able to meet the players that they hold dear because the club are scared of the truth. If that is football, it is not by the rules we as fans enjoy. Mr Mike Lewis has once again forced himself in to a media that he loves to manipulate, and more than anything else all Swansea fans should not forget this when he responds on behalf of a rotten administration founded on half truths, manipulation and a policy of divide and conquer amongst the fans. We are appalled. The Midlands Avon & Gloucester Swans : 19th Sept 2000 Contact Phil ( 01792 ) 843507 Keith 07713 083479

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