It’s Gone McLure Shaped!

Wednesday, 15 November 2000, 0:01
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The man who refused to sign certain documentation that he states was ” not even dated let alone completed properly ”

You look at rumours of finance to certain companies for consultation in to The Morfa, and you see thousands given to companies that ” allegedly ” Neil Mcclure has an interest in. And does he really charge the club six hundrd pounds to attend games ?

Christ, that’s nearly as much as the bridge ! Is it true that Mike Lewis earns ten per cent of transfers etc ? If that’s the case then I ask Neil Mcclure ” Is it true Neil ”

Do you pay Mike Lewis ten per cent of transfers ? Will he receive ten thousand pounds for Mathew Crowell going to Southampton ?

If he has done so it is a disgrace. In fact again – I challenge Neil McClure to a discussion about Swansea City AFC on national radio.

No agenda, no pre-empted questions, no dictated forum. A fans phone in that relies on one thing. Honesty.

Too hot Mr McClure ? And don’t worry the air time is there, you just have to say ” Yes ” I recently received an e mail from him about The Midlands Avon & Gloucester Swans.

Personally I think he is terrified of intelligent fans armed with facts. He refuses to even meet with this supporters group. He point blank refuses it ! What sort of Chairman is he ? My final point ” Just what is he hiding ” I will leave him with this. No way will Swansea City be floated on any stock exchange.It will be the death of our club. Are you listening Mr Mcclure – We will not allow it.

Regards John Hollins, as many know I was fairly vociferous in asking for him to be relived of his duties last season, the season the man actually got this team out of the third division.

Now, I admit that I and many others were wrong ( would you ? ) But there is a theory that all the fuss that was caused actually cemented the side and they were forced to create a ” siege mentality ” which saw us through this sticky patch.

All I can say is, you boys had better start doing the same thing again because our Chairman is ready to sweep the head off the man who won us the third division championship. And he is wrong. John Hollins has had many tormentors, but I have learned recently that he has been in an impossible position with the club since he came to us.

Just why he hasn’t been brave enough to stand up and say why he has been dictated to is beyond me. He should know by now there are many who would fight his corner for him had he done so.

Sadly his refusal to act ( again ) seems to be his downfall. But I also learn of letters sent to him from the board room, and talk of a lack of trust between him and Mcclure over the Julian Alsop transfer dealings and Rushden and Diamonds.

Mcclure will not forget this. And there’s plenty more. If we lose the next three games I fear John Hollins will go. And that is not the right thing for Swansea City at this time. And no Mr Lewis, we don’t want Jimmy Quinn and Micky Gooding at Swansea. Okay ?

I would say that about 80% of our membership of The MAGS has been against John Hollins as a manager since he came to us. The rest, and they are the ones who generally don’t go to games are in favour of him staying. It’s a tough one, but there is no way he should go now.

What he should do is stand up to Neil Mcclure, get the players he wants decent contracts and fight their corner. That way team spirit will increase and we the fans will see results on the pitch. Something we need drastically if we are to remain in the 2nd division.

It’s all about bottle, stand up the man who has the most. And all the time Sam Hammam just watches ?

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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