From Bad to Worse!

Sunday, 29 April 2001, 0:00
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Let’s start with Roger Freestone. He is deservedly due a testimonial next season. A testimonial that is being run by two Swansea fans on his behalf. Maybe it’s two Swansea fans who don’t keep their feelings to themselves that pisses the club off but for whatever reason it seems that rumours are rife that the man-idiot Hollins wants to get rid of him.

As if Steve Jones wasn’t bad enough, if he succeeds in his ‘master’ plan there will be riots. Not just postings on a Message Board riots. And from what I know about Roger he would be in them – he loves this place and has always said he never wants to leave.

Hollins, you may be a little (lot) idiotic but please listen just this once. Of course, this is before you leave as you surely will before too much longer (please!)

Now, fighting between the fans. Talk about pointless. This football club is in a bad enough state without that. And what purpose will it serve? The only one will be to get Mike Lewis sweating profusely as he thinks of all the people he doesn’t like fighting on the terraces and him with the perfect opportunity to get rid of them.

I wasn’t at the game, but from what I hear it was the MAGS against the BNP ‘people’ These people just DO NOT GET IT DO THEY. This is a football club not an effin political party for gods sake. Next we’ll see the centre stand turning up with Conservative rosettes while the North Bank start singing ‘Can you hear the Tories sing’ I’m not even going to say if the BNP view is right or wrong but the place for the views is not at a football match? Is it?.

Now back to matters about how our club is being destroyed. Lewis, Michael. Salary £80k plus per year. Company Jaguar and a flat in the Marina. All paid for by you and me. Good isn’t it? Not really. I wouldn’t cross the road to piss in this bloke’s tea (Whiskey) let alone want to see him raping this sort of money from the football club.

Do you think he has lost any sleep over the shit served up on the pitch this season? Nope, nor me. This is the man with Hollins who should now take the brunt of the anger. They have got off very lightly this season with the abuse from the terraces. Talks of pitch invasions, protests, non-attendance have never materialised. We now have two games to do something.

I wasn’t going to go on Tuesday but sod it I have a season ticket so they’ve had my money I may as well be there.

Do other things to hurt them in the pocket

Don’t buy a Vetch Flyer Don’t buy a programme – but JackPlug instead it’s a better read Don’t go in the club shop to buy anything. Do your drinking away from the bars at the ground Basically if you are paying to get in, don’t spend anything else that will line their pockets.

Hit the b stards where it hurts. In their pockets. Don’t let them steal anything else from us.

Now onto the things we should be doing:

At least 10/15 Hollins Out Chants during the game. A new chant ‘He’s full of shit, he’s full of shit, he’s full of, Johnny’s full of shit’ If they send the duck on at half-time, don’t encourage them. They seem to think that the duck is the most important thing. Football is much more important than that. What about a few ‘what a waste of money chants’ when he’s there? A very large rendition of ‘We want 9th floor out’ is due and finally a rendition of ‘we’re not patient any more’

Show them how we feel. We’ve had 3 years of this crap and we don’t need it any more.

Lewis, McClure and Hollins are our biggest nightmares let’s show the two that will be there Tuesday what we think of them.


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