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Friday, 11 May 2001, 0:00
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and is expected to want to leave the club immediately. Desperate to inform the manager, De Vulgt was reported to have been pulling out all the stops to get a hold of John Hollins this morning.

It seems with a deal done that he will head an exodus of players from the club come this Tuesday morning. This site reported that Hollins was to announce the release of a number of players from Swansea two weeks ago, as reported on here.

With the news leaked again from the heart of the club he put off telling the players of their future until this Tuesday. In the interim players like De Vulgt have had no alternative but to secure their futures elsewhere. De Vulgt is the brightest of Swansea’s new talented pack and will be sorely missed if the deal goes ahead this weekend.

Mounty on his way too

He may not know yet but Swans reserve keeper Carl Mounty has been released by the club. Seen as an able replacement for Roger Freestone in lieu of Jason Jones continuing to under perform, the Swansea based youngster is on his way. It heralds a clear out that Hollins has dithered on for weeks keeping players guessing and worrying over their futures.

On Tuesday morning a players / management meeting will be held and a number of other stars are expected to leave. Certain key players already on long term contracts are expected to be placed on the transfer list too in a bid to save money.

Many will see this as the final nail in a miserable season that has seen Managing Director Mike Lewis earn more money in one year than the club has spent in transfers over the last two years. John Hollins wages do not bear thinking about by comparison, suffice to say he earns more in one month than the yearly national wage average for a working class supporter.

This has incensed supporters who no doubt will demonstrate their feelings at Mondays nothing game with Wrexham in the FAW Cup. Season ticket sales are being targeted by certain fans, and the lack of sales will hit the club hard as they stave off serious losses due to a lack of direction and poor management by John Hollins.

Sacked Chairman Steve Hamer has stated today that:

“I see the club in a perilous position at the moment, and it is leaking money fast. I am very worried about the immediate future of our club, players like Steve Jones leaving and Thommo signals a real management problem at Swansea. Maybe administration is a real alternative for Swansea at this time, it will clear out the people who are earning outrageous amounts of money whilst we suffer”

It will come as no surprise to many informed Swans fans that administration may be on the cards during the summer months with no cash flow. Gary Martins informed site ( is currently running a “boycott form” and fans are urged to put their feelings down on there.

Money is also an issue with funds from two young youth players poached by Southampton three months ago not being used by the club to stave off relegation. Two hundred thousand pounds has disappeared in to the club owners pockets from these transactions.

The FAW Cup money is expected to go the same way as well as any funds from players sold in the next six weeks. Times are desperate, and many fans believe that any investment at this time will be money thrown away.

As reported yesterday Jason Price has decided his future is away from the club. Jason along with a number of first team players has had enough of the lack of direction at Swansea City and will be the subject of an exclusive interview on this site on Monday.

St Kitts or Iceland ?

Hard working coaching staff have had their noses put out of joint by John Hollins refusal to take the team to St Kitts or Iceland as a pre season lift.

Glan Letheran had set up a five star pre season tour in St Kitts, and Paul Compton had done the same in Iceland. However, John Hollins knocked them both back. With no real reason for Hollins refusal it is left to speculation that he did not want the ever decreasing squad to go because of his own agenda’s during the summer.

Players are incensed, and this decision would have spurred on the likes of De Vulgt and Price to leave. Stuart Roberts, contrary to press speculation is more than likely to be a player ready to leave very soon.

Jason Price and Steve Jones interviews on this site in the next few days. It won’t make pleasant reading, however, Gary Martins site, Jackplug and this site have been warning of this since 1999.

Fans refusal to listen to anything against John Hollins, Mike Lewis and Neil Mcclure see’s the club in turmoil and once again the question has to be asked

“If the fans had listened to the truth instead of the PR from The Vetch Field, would we be in this mess now “

The sad fact is it’s too late, Swansea City are back in the third division and our very best players are leaving. And long suffering Swans fans must feel very let down today.

Be bluffed by more PR rubbish from Mike Lewis on Swansea Sound’s placid phone in on Sunday morning between 9 am and 10 am.

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