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Tuesday, 22 May 2001, 0:00
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Do you believe a Supporters Trust would benefit the Club? Click Here For Results
Would you be prepared to put money up for buying the club?Click Here For Results
Do you think Price leaving is a loss for the club? Yes 54.2% No 28.8% Don’t Care 10%
Which goal was Tops in the 6-0 win against the Bees? Verschave’s 1st Goal 3% O’Leary’s Goal 6% Cusack’s Goal 3% Coates’ Goal 57% Verschave’s 2nd Goal 15.5% Todd’s Goal 15.5%
What Does Mike Lewis do to earn 90k a year? Nothing 22.6% Drive his Jaguar 3.8% Dress Up as Cyril 5 Cripple The Club 28 Eat Expensively 6
Football: Is it really more important than Life or Death? Yes 44.7% No 36.8% Too Deep Man! 18.5%
What should Hollins/Curtis do with the games that remain? Play the Youngsters 20.9% Stick to Same Team 17.4% RESIGN!!! 61.2%
If the money was there, should Hollins have bought in loan players?Yes 36.4% No 14.5% The Man’s Barmy 49.1%
Would you like a standing section at the new Morfa ground?Yes 66.2% No 34.3% Unsure 4.5%
These players are out of contract soon if you could keep one who would you keep? Stu Roberts 22.4% Jason Price 7% Steve Jones 7% Savarese 53.9% Walter Boyd 7% None of Them! 10.5%
Who would you like to own the Club?Martin Morgans 18.4% Ron Noades 8.2% Doug Sharpe 8.2% Catherine Zeta-Jones 34.7%!!! Steve Hamer 6.1% A anyone except 9th Floor 25.5%
Is it time for Hollins to Jump Ship?Yes 66.3% No 23.7% Wait till Notts Co. 10%
With Bound on the Bench, do you think O’Leary has earned his place in the lineup? Yes 55.5% No 29.5% Not Sure 9%
We’ve gone continental but should we have got Established British Players OnLoan?Yes 33.3% No 66.7% Don’t Know 0%
What should the New Stadium at Morfa be called? New Vetch Field 25.6% The Morfa 24.4% Tawe-side 2.6% Enterprise Park 😉 2.6% The Neau – Jack 6.4% Who gives a Fug!! 38.4%
Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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