10 Reasons to Be A Jack

Wednesday, 23 May 2001, 0:00
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1. Feel a glow in your heart when your star player turns up in a battered old banger. Imagine how cheesed off you’d feel if your hard-earned cash was paying for their Ferraris.

2. Not having to plan ahead for months to get a ticket. I can leave my house at 2:30pm and still get into the game at 3pm.

3. Get that big-match atmosphere by going for a mug of Bovril at half-time…even though the queue is only ten deep. It will feel like you’re at Wembley (ie. it will take as long to get served).

4. Watch Stu Roberts put some beautiful crosses in. Perhaps not with the same skill as David Beckham – but at least he doesn’t keep putting up two fingers to you.

5. With crowds of about 4,000 lately, there’s a good chance you’ll get to know the players quite well (ie. get invited back to their house for a cup of tea). 😉

6. Get in for £14 (seated area) £10 (standing) – over half the price of admittance to a Premiership match.

7. It must get really dull supporting Man United ie. winning every match at home. Take a gamble on watching Swansea City FC. You never know – you might just be at that home game they win in the league! (20-1 odds)

8. Roll up, roll up, come and watch the fattest goalie in league football. Gasp as he chews on a piece of lard and still drops the ball all over the place.

9. Even when the match is dull, there’s always Cyril the Swan doing his Beckham impression.

10. Wear your Swans shirt with pride on holiday (Swans fans are such a rare breed) and make friends with complete strangers. I once got free beer for a night (Sospan Fach – Palma Nova, Majorca).

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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