What’s It All Mean?

Thursday, 12 July 2001, 0:00
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Neil McClure and Steve Hamer do not get on. That much we do know. We have also heard that McClure did not want to deal with Hamer and we also know that Hamer was waiting in the background to take over the club once he had raised the necessary finances.
Maybe now he has them. But because McClure was/is stubborn then the club had to pass through someone else before Hamer could get his hands on what he wanted. It all seems a bit petty to be but plausible when you think about it.
It’s all backed up by 9th Floor saying that the pass over to Lewis ‘is an intermin measure’ and Lewis’ own statement reading ” At this stage my role is purely that of a custodian. I have no interest in retaining my new shareholding, other than to formally allow it to be apportioned to new investors. This has been necessary to conclude ongoing negotiations and I expect to be able to give details of these by the early part of next week. These plans also include provision for a Supporters Trust initiative.”
So by this time next week the club could be in the hands of it’s third owner within 10 days.
But there is something else in there as well. Hamer hates Lewis with a vengance from what I know. I can’t imagine that Lewis is allowing the club to pass through him without some form of guarantee. That guarantee I would imagine comes in the form of a job when the ‘real’ owners come in or a nice pay-off to get rid of him. So is it really Steve Hamer? Maybe there is someone in the background that we don’t know of.
Whatever, I am sure that we will all be keeping a close eye on Swansea City over the next week or so. If Lewis remains in charge for too long then I expect to see some serious ‘asset stripping’ with people like Roger on his way to balance the books.
Mike Lewis has to prove himself to the fans that he has the best interests of the football club at heart if he is to remain there. Steve Hamer, as Phil has said in one of his pieces, is not the ideal answer but one thing is sure he is a damn improvement on what we already have in place today.

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