Greedy Or Plain Stupid?

Saturday, 28 July 2001, 0:00
2 mins read
You have to wonder, to watch the side in Nationwide League action (our bread and butter) it costs £10 to stand on the North Bank, but if you want to watch what amounts to a pre-season friendly you have to pay 50% on top of that again. Why’s that then?
The club’s official web-site claims it is because of “The considerable costs involved in securing such a fantastic game” In other words, Jamaica are charging the club a considerable amount to play the game. We have to cover those costs and because we (the board) don’t care we’ll stitch up the gullible fans. Well, this is one fan that won’t be stitched up.
The site also claims that it will be “Great value for money for a memorable family day out!” A family day out? If you take a family as the typical 2.4 children you are talking a minimum of £50 on the North Bank and £60 to sit down which I would imagine families would want to do. Doesn’t sound an overly cheap day out to me – especially when you consider that the Party In The Park extravaganza in Singleton Park is just £6 per ticket and co-incidentally takes place on the same day – which one is the better value for money.
Pricing the tickets at this level smacks of either greed, stupidity or both. It is a presitigous game, no-one can doubt that fact but why take advantage of that and rip the people off? If you take the scenario that you halve the tickets and double the crowd you are going to make more money but our illustrious board cannot see that.
The club also has a petty dig at fans on the site albeit in a hidden way “After negotiations with the JFF we have been able to keep ticket prices down for the loyal season ticket holders” What the hell has it got to do with the JFF what we charge for home games and what makes a season ticket holder more loyal than the average Joe on the street who pays at the gate for 23 home league games? Nothing.
You can read into this one that the club do not give two hoots about the fans of Swansea City, they are hoping that the Jamaican support fill the ground alone. Well they can effin hope and I hope it falls flat on it’s face. If they wanted Swansea fans there then they should make the ticket prices cheaper, but they don’t so they won’t.
Personally, I think Season Ticket holders should be let in free if they are that convinced that they are more loyal than non-season ticket holders – why not, two games free to around 1000 people is hardly going to break the bank now is it? Or will it?
I have spoken to many people who wanted to attend this game and now won’t because of the ticket prices and I hope that whoever set these prices is satisfied with themselves and removing this club just a little bit further from the support that has put up with quite possibly the worst 4 years in it’s history.
On August 4th, I will either be at Party In the Park or I may stay at home and cut the grass, there is no way they will get £15 out of me to watch the game.

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