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Tuesday, 31 July 2001, 0:00
2 mins read
The second meeting of shareholders is due to take place on the eve of the new season and Lewis told the Evening Post "Hopefully by that time we will be able to announce the investors’ names if they are willing to be known." Is that another way of saying "I have a cop out by saying they wish to remain anonymous" or is that just me being overly cynical?
The same article goes onto say that he has fears that if the investors do not materialise then the club may slip into receivership. But, of course Mike that won’t happen because you claim that the investors are already there. Don’t you?
The phone is allegedly ringing every day at the Vetch at the moment according to Mad Mike. "There isn’t a day when the phone doesn’t ring with someone offering their support" Well, by my calculations, it is now 19 days since Lewis took over so that means at least 19 people should have offered their support. If that is the case, surely at least 1 or 2 of them are now lined up with cheque book poised? Or is this another one of Lewis’s ‘mistruths’?
Most of the fans that Mike has spoken to have supposedly understood the problems that the club is facing against at the moment. Now if I was in the position of Mad Mike I would be speaking first of all to the people behind FOSCFA, MAGS and the Supporters Trust. I cannot speak for the first or last of these groups but I do no for a fact that neither myself of Keith Haynes have had phone calls from Mike about the takeover and with a membership of well in excess of 300, it’s a reasonable percentage of the Swansea support. So who is Mike speaking to? The ten or so callers that rang into Swansea Sound.
Here’s a challenge for you Mike – speak to me and let’s have the interview on this site. Put yourself in touch with another reasonable sized percentage of the fans – the internet fans via a fans web-site rather than the official statement of the club. You know you want to.
We are fair people on the site so we take Lewis at his word and the clock ticks until August 11 comes around. We wait with anticipation (!) at the new investors that will be announced (if of course they allow it) which, if it happens will take us into the new football season with renewed hope.
We must not forget that in front of the backroom unrest, is a football team which is the one thing that we all unite behind. The support for Swansea City on the pitch will always be there and we must not lose sight of that. Until the new investors are there we do not know the future of the club but we are, and will always remain, Swansea Till We Die.

Oh, and by the way if you want to take the challenge Mike then pick up the phone and call – 07768 507695 or – the ball is in your court !!

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