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Saturday, 11 August 2001, 0:00
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Regular’s to the site will know that I am not the greatest fan of Mr Lewis and I think it is probably fair to say that the feeling on this is mutual. In the opening lines of his question and answers, he ‘says’ “It is disappointing that various outspoken critics have not taken the opportunity to put their comments forward although they have often asked for the chance to do so” My reasons for not submitting questions are simple. Over the past eighteen months, I have interviewed various players etc, not just from Swansea City but also from Glamorgan and no matter how you prepare with questions, sub-questions will arise from the answers that the person being interviewed gives.
Now it is simple to write a question and send it but when the answer is then given in written form you may think ‘that wasn’t quite what I meant’ or ‘following on from that answer, what if……’ So, here I re-iterate the invite from a week or so ago Talk to me Mike directly and we will have a discussion. I’m a fair person, I will print what you say, not edit it and take what you tell me at face value. But there are questions that we would like answered, of course there are, but it gives you the chance to show that you are as in touch with the fans as you would like to be. The invite is there when you want it Mike.
Anyway, onto the Questions and Answers themselves. I won’t reproduce every question and answer for two reasons. One I haven’t the time or the inclination and secondly it is not fair on Peter Owen who I am sure spent many hours putting the page together. If you want to read the full transcript then click here and you will find that a new window opens and there it is in it’s full glory.
It appears that the club are going to follow the lead of Cardiff City (to an extent) and offer discounts if people ‘part-exchange’ their old shirts when buying new ones. A welcome development and one that I am sure will prove popular with the support. There is nothing worse than having to fork out for new shirts every year which most of us do. A quick flip through my drawers (oo-er missus!) just now shows 3 shirsts from the last 3 seasons. Well done on that one Mike and the sooner this is implemented the better.
Naturally, there were a few questions on the ownership of the club. Mike has assured people that he is looking for the new investment and that even if things get bad he will not dump the club. As all Swansea fans will appreciate, investment is imperative at the moment and we can only hope again that this happens sooner rather than later.
The Jackseye editor Peter Murphy (Murph) put forward a nice question about the relationship between the club and the internet support. Naturally, this is something that is dear to all our hearts. Mike’s answer is that he has always ‘tried to encompass their feelings in a meaningful debate but for whatever reason these anonymous characters hide behind their keyboards and will not come clean’ Again we ask (as I have been asked to do on the site Message Board) come and talk to me Mike – surely a great chance to build a bridge or two with the internet support. I am in agreement with Murph on this subject, too often the internet support is shoved to one side and labelled ‘whingers’ – well, as someone put to me in an e-mail recently, we are more like mushrooms – kept in the dark and fed on sh t. Let’s rectify that. It’s easy and not taking away anything from the article on the site but let’s have the discussion.
Robert Elsey, a regular on this site’s Message Board (Bonymaen Jack) makes an excellent point about attracting children to the Vetch. I am sure that Mike realises that every empty space at the ground on matchday represents lost revenue so if we can fill it with youngsters then it is better than the empty space. All clubs, not just Swansea City, should be targetting local schoolchildren – the supporters of the future.
That’s just about my summing up of the Q&A session. As I said earlier, visit the site if you want to read it all. I have stated my reasons for not posting any questions myself and as a second reason the three questions that immediately came to mind were answered by Mike when I sent the e-mail into Real Radio earlier in the week. But I do think that one step nearer the fans will help him and us. Irrespective of what people think of him at the moment, he is the man in charge of the football club that we hold so dear. The offer is there Mike, I am sure you will get respect from more corners if you accept it. Maybe we will never get to the stage where people are chanting your name or anything of the like but it will at least be a step in the right direction?

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