Secret Diary – 20-26 Aug

Tuesday, 28 August 2001, 0:00
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Monday 20 August

A couple of interviews with the press today. They asked why we had drawn 0-0 with Oxford last Saturday. Easy I told them we didn’t score any goals. These people from the press are a bit thick at times. I have told them that we need to score goals if we are to win games from now on so that should keep everyone happy for a little while longer.

Tuesday 21 August

I cannot get the hang of this football lark at times. Alan said today that we were playing in Worthing tonight but then he said that Peterborough will be here soon. I told him not to be so silly and that we can only play in one place at one time. I opted to stay here and watched the Peterborough game. We lost the game 2-0 but we are still unbeaten since the end of last season if you forget cup games and pre-season games. We’re doing quite well.

Wednesday 22 August

Had a conversation today with people about the Supporters Trust. I told Alan in no uncertain terms that without being paranoid that you cannot trust the supporters they are all evil and out to get me. For some reason they do not like me, I wish I could understand why. I think I may take one of my jaunts onto the North Bank soon and talk to the ones that Mr Lewis always refers to when he says he has spoken to the supporters as they always think everything is rosy.

Thursday 23 August

Had a nice chat with Mr Lewis today. He was concerned about a few things but I set him straight. He was concerned that we hadn’t scored for two games but I pointed out to him that we have the same players that won at Macclesfield and everything would be OK. I think he understands what I am trying to say to him. I believe we can win our next 44 games and if we do then I think we are in with a good chance of promotion.

Friday 24 August

Went on a bus ride today with some of the players. It was quite good fun and a long trip and I wanted a wee before I got as far as Bridgend but the driver refused to stop. I played I-Spy with Alan on the way up – I won it he couldn’t get any of the things I could spy. Some of the things I saw included pigs flying, talking crap and useless tictacs. Alan will need to improve for the journey home.

Saturday 25 August

We played again today up at Cecil Bank which is in Lincoln. We drew the first haldf 0-0 and I was happy with the point gained from that but we lost the second half 3-0. We would have won it quite comfortably apart from the fact that we didn’t but we are still unbeaten in league games in the first half this season which is quite good I think.

Sunday 26 August

Decided as it was Bank Holiday weekend that I would take Mrs Hollins away for a few days until Alan pointed out that I had to work tomorrow. Apparantely we have the Cheltenham Festival at the Vetch tomorrow which could be quite fun. I spent the day instead waiting for the horses to turn up but they didn’t – I guess they must be coming tomorrow.
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