John Cornforth

Friday, 7 September 2001, 0:00
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John got straight in to talking about his favourite subject, Swansea City, and it is clear he still has a real passion for the area and the supporters. ” It’s gutting really to see Swansea in the predicament they are in, I know they were the best side in the division two seasons ago, but I also knew they wouldn’t survive the second division unless they made some changes. There were one or two players there just for the money, and that is not what Swansea needed. They needed real commitment last season, and the games I saw showed me that without the likes of Roger Freestone and young Roberts they would have been relegated a lot earlier. That saddened me to see Swansea in so much trouble “
Like always things moved on to the fans and the support he has received on his last two appearances at The Vetch Field. ” Well Barry Fry is on record as saying he has never heard such a reception for a returning player when I first came back with Peterborough, it surprised him, but it didn’t surprise me at all. Swansea people are no mugs, they know a true Jack when they see one, and I am a true Jack. I apologise if that offends Exeter City, but like a lot of players and managers I have my team, and Swansea City are my team, they have been for eight years. I always look for the results, and I am so disappointed at the moment. It seems that things need changing down there fast, and for the good of the club. Nobody puts that shirt on lightly and if they do they shouldn’t be there. That’s me speaking as a fan, I want us to win every week, not just now and again “
Talk of a Vetch return is not dismissed out of hand either. ” Lets be honest there is a real place in my heart for the club, I wouldn’t let it slip if I was there, it wouldn’t be allowed to happen, I wouldn’t tolerate it. Christ, this is Swansea we are talking about, there are two places where there is a real passion for football, The North East and Wales. Remember we took 4,000 to Newcastle a few years back, 4,000 mind, I doubt there will be that many there for the whole attendance on Saturday. Swansea should be in the second division this Saturday with 10,000 at home for the match, not playing in the third division, that should never be allowed to happen. I’m being honest when I say it’s bloody annoying, somebody should have been big enough to take the blame for the relegation instead of blaming everything and everyone else apart from the real reasons “
John Cornforth would not be drawn on the current set up at the club, ” I don’t want to talk about them, any of them, I keep in touch with Swansea matters, and fans keep me in touch with the truth down there, that’s all I will say “
And on Exeter City ? ” Yes, it’s a great place to be, okay it’s very different down here, but there are some really hard working people on the staff, and the fans are very supportive ” And on the result ? ” The way we are both playing it probably will end up 0-0, but you have a new lad on loan I hear, and we have Christian Roberts, you never know, it could be 1-1 “
John Cornforth is one of those people that will always be welcomed at the Vetch Field with open arms. His control of the midfield was a joy to watch and let’s not forget that he was a very large part of the Frankie Burrows team that was one of the best sides we have put together since Toshack. Few who saw Corny play will ever forget him and there are even less who would not welcome him back in some capacity at Swansea City. John Cornforth is a true Jack and ‘Swansea till I die’ is quite possibly a saying made for him. He will always give his all to whatever club he is with but his heart will always remain at Swansea City.
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