Hollins On Brink

Tuesday, 11 September 2001, 0:00
3 mins read
For the past few weeks Mike Lewis has called in a few favours to keep the club afloat, even to the extent of negotiating a deal with Reading, his old stomping ground, for a loan player, Nathan Tyson.
On the day of the Plymouth game ( Kick off 7.45 pm tonight ) Jackarmy.net have learned that a Welsh league manager, itching to get in to football league management has been lined up to take over at Swansea in the next day or so. The stumbling block, very similar to the Championship season is that John Hollins has managed once again to get a result that has given him a few more days grace. Saturdays league win over Exeter City, very similar to the away win at Chester City in December 1999 when Nick Cusack scored a winner at The Deva Stadium means Hollins still has a job at Swansea.
Our sources tell us that Peter Nicholas the Barry Town manager is to be Hollins replacement when the axe finally falls. The big question many Swans fans will ask is " Why wait, why was this not done after the Cheltenham Town game on Bank Holiday Monday " The simple reason is that the club have been putting the final pieces in place to enable Hollins to depart the club as economically as possible. And other rumours yet to be confirmed, if true may mean that he will go with no compensation at all. That remains to be seen, we will only report to you the facts as we know them, not what is believed to be true. A close friend of Mike Lewis at Reading is also reported to be involved in assisting him financially at this time, which throws in to question the date of September 22nd when the Swansea money will run out and put our club in to possible administration. Lewis’s close ally will not be hard to decipher for those with the will to find out exactly where his assistance is coming from.
And of course we should also ask about compensation to Barry Town if the Peter Nicholas deal comes off, and where that money will come from too. Speculation that Stu Roberts could be on his way soon will fund such a deal, and we have already read about Jason Smith and his Cambridge connection. But Jackarmy.net readers should also look to Matt Bound as a possible transfer away from the club. Again we have learned from a backroom source that Bound is a possible transfer if a deal can be struck. And we will not rule out Mike Lewis’s close ally either as a possible investor.
But much is being done behind the scenes by another potential buyer, away from Swansea, someone who has asked us for total confidentiality, and we will keep that confidence until an announcement is ready to be made.
The way Mike Lewis operates has caused him a lot of problems in the past year or two, however he is very aware just what is required for the club to come out of the current turmoil, and his Reading link with Tyson would not have gone down well with Hollins. Over the past three years we have heard of Hollins connections with QPR and Chelsea, and he has failed to produce any loan or transfered player from these clubs, something which has wrankled with many behind the scenes at Swansea City. With QPR letting go 18 professionals in the close season it would have been a prime time for Hollins to show the Swans support he has the respect and knowledge required when it comes to transfer dealings. He has not.
The lack of players at the supporters trust meeting on Bank Holiday Monday should also indicate the way the fans are viewed by certain people at the club. As already reported the players were banned from attending after it was agreed that they would. We would have hoped that the trust would have asked louder questions about this, and in time we hope that the steering group actually do tell the majority the exact detail of the response from John Hollins on this subject.
But for now we wait, a decent mid week support is travelling south for this fixture, and John Hollins, having attended Brian Moore’s funeral in Kent on Monday has to pull yet another cat out of the bag to keep his job.
The only question now is just how much longer can he do this before even his luck runs out.
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