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As revealed to you here this morning and now confirmed by our sources close to the club and the press have confirmed that Peter Nicholas will be the new Swansea City manager and we believe he will be in place by the end of Wednesday. It was originally believed that this appointment was dependent on Tuesday evening’s result at Plymouth Argyle but it now appears that the decision has been taken.
There is also much speculation over who will be Nicholas’ number two. John Cornforth’s name has been mentioned by more than one person but has denied these stories although we are told that one of the Exeter City directors was approached about John after the game on Saturday.
Alan Curtis is also a name in the frame and for a great servant of Swansea City we can only hope he can stay in some capacity but whether he is ‘guilt by association’ and has to go with Hollins remains to be seen.
John Hollins was appointed as manager of Swansea City in July 1998 after the unsuccessful reign of Alan Cork. In three seasons at the Vetch he led the club to the play-offs in his first season, championship in the second but relegation last time around.
He has not always been a firm crowd favourite and last season became something of a laughing stock amongst some sections of the crowd with his after match ramblings and strange tactics and decision making. He also made one trip into the North Bank during the championship season concerned at the flack that he was on the receiving end of.
He was very close to departing the Vetch hot-seat during the championship season when it was only a Nick Cusack goal that saved him at Chester. The team then went on a record breaking run and he was rewarded in the summer of that season with a three year contract and a massive salary to boot.
It is that salary alone that kept him in the job for as long as he has been but it is now believed that the club have found a way of ending the contract with little or no compensation. These are, of course, matters that will need to be discussed between the two side’s lawyers.
Recently, we have been hearing more stories that John was on his way out and it is believed that defeat previously against either Cheltenham or Exeter would have terminated his stay. But now it appears that enough is enough.
Also, his club expensed car was due for renewal recently and was told to hold off new negotiations fuelling speculation that he was on the way. This is the end of another managerial era at Swansea City – whether it was an era that was enjoyable or not depends on which side of the Hollins fence you sit.
We do not know at the moment whether Peter Nicholas is a better option than John Hollins, only time will tell but I for one am not sorry to see John Hollins walk through the door marked ‘exit’
Premiership Southampton have made contact with the FAW concerning the two youngsters and have expressed concerns about whether they would like to release them to the club during this period of uncertainty and until the situation with regards the manager is cleared up.

Hollins On The Brink – Early Morning Article

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