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Thursday, 11 October 2001, 0:01
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It’s amazing that when times are hard the way that people rally around. Meetings in the builders last night and arranged for next week. Demonstrations and a consortium that is being pieced together all trying to help our football club survive.

Earlier on I took a call from Chris Kamara on Sky Television asking about Roger’s testimonial – it’s news for them all and it’s certainly nothing I can remember in my lifetime of being a football fan.

The players were sacked. Then they were not going to be paid. Then they could leave if someone wanted them. Then they were sacked again. Then they weren’t. The club can’t make up their mind. Or is that their solicitors can’t. The PFA know the players contracts are watertight and will be able to force Mr Petty’s hand.

This man has to be removed from Swansea City as soon as possible. Claiming this is a long battle as he has done tonight is wrong. It’s not a long battle Mr Petty just leave and your battle ends now. Simple really.

What are you planning to do when your senior (and decent) professionals leave because you won’t do anything? Take us into the football conference that is what. But we are not ‘thick welshies’ Mr Petty. Not completely anyway, make your quick buck and leave us alone. We didn’t need you, it’s just that Mike Lewis got so desperate he turned to you. And then he blamed everyone else for not helping him.

And Michael sat in his office today laughing at the Swansea fans on the internet and their reaction. The reaction of a supporter as he claims to be? Don’t be stupid. He sold this club up the river and he is enjoying every minute of it. And of course, with the jag that he gave back but still drives we are told.

It’s a mess but not an irretrievable one. This club can be saved and the supporters should club together as one. What is important now that the players group together which they have done and we group behind them and show them that we will not be treated this way.

Our thoughts are with the sacked (or not so sacked depending on how the mood takes the club) players in Matthew Bound, Jason Smith, Steve Watkin, Nicolas Mazzina, David Romo and John Williams. They need to be re-instated and the club bought back to an even footing with people that really care. That is C-A-R-E if you are reading Mike.

We, as fans, are Swansea till we die and that is something that none of us should lose sight of.

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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