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Saturday, 3 November 2001, 0:01
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In principle it sounds a great idea but in practice it is just what Petty wants and will be no benefit at all to the fans. Some no doubt will think that I am just being blinded by the efforts to get him out but lets think about it.

The Supporter’s Trust are the single biggest supporters group that we have with over 1000 members. This puts the number of the next two supporters clubs (FOSCFA and the MAGS) into insignificance. If there was to be a fans group then the first people I would have invited would have been a representative of the trust. But, no Petty doesn’t like them.

Then you move onto the next two groups. FOSCFA – Ugo Vallerio. Ugo is someone who, without knowing him well, I would say doesn’t like the public limelight. So I would also guess that it is unlikely that he would put himself to the forefront of any group. Keith Haynes from MAGS, someone I do know well, would not be considered because he is the opposite of Ugo and outspoken. But one thing in common, he wouldn’t entertain the idea I can’t imagine.

I have been asked would I like to be part of it. The answer is no. We have seen on the unofficial sites in the last few weeks that what we get as PR from the club is not necessarily the truth and for this reason, and the fact that I wouldn’t want to be associated with Petty I will refuse. Gary Martin has given the same answer.

With all due respect, Petty wants people to pass out his line. Not what is really happening – can you imagine if this ‘fans board’ were in place before the ‘sackings’ – would you believe that Petty would have told them? Didn’t think so.

He’s trying to play it clever and get people on his side and it isn’t going to work with the stronger people. This ‘fans board’ is nothing more than his own walking talking PR machine and the advantage of this one is – it costs him nothing.

He hasn’t changed in the last three weeks – he hasn’t come back from Australia a different person so why entertain him. The words remain simple, but still the best thing for Swansea City, PETTY OUT! Please remember that if you are asked to join?

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