Nurse v Petty

Tuesday, 13 November 2001, 0:01
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Former director Mel Nurse heads to court on Tuesday in his battle to oust Tony Petty from the club. I am sure that all Swans fans join me in wishing Mel all the best for his case and hope that the Football Club comes out the winner.

It has been a long and turbulent six weeks since we bought you the news that Petty was to be the new owner of the club. In those six weeks, he has sacked players, then not sacked them, sold Stuart Roberts to Wycombe for a ridiculously low fee, been the subject of abuse at games and the Supporters have shown solidarity with marches and protests as the club received support from all corners of the Globe.

But on Tuesday in a Swansea court, Mel Nurse will be looking for the decision being favourable in allowing him to call in the £801k debt that he purchased from 9th Floor less than two weeks ago.

Petty will counter Nurse’s claims with a statement that he (Nurse) is liable for the debts as he was a director of the club when the debts were built up. Both parties feel that they have a solid case. For Swansea fans, the feeling is that there can only be one victor.

I don’t know Mel Nurse but I cannot imagine that he has gone into this without a pretty strong feeling that he will win. He has done everything by the book, resigning his directorship, buying the debt and then turning the pressure up on Petty.

This has led to where we are at this present moment in time – let’s hope this one is a victory for the Nurse and we are well on the way to putting the Petty days into the history books of Swansea City.

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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