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Thursday, 27 December 2001, 0:01
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Petty starts off his statement by blaming every man (and his dog!!!) for the current financial crisis at The Vetch, citing the court action by Mel Nurse as one of the main reasons the club is in such financial dire straights, even going as far as claiming that the money spent by the club on fighting the court case was the very same money that would have paid the players wages this month. He goes on to moan about the terrible way in which he has been treated by the fans of Swansea City, including libelous comments made about him by so called “lifelong” Swansea City supporters (stand up and take your bow “The North Bank Alliance”!!!).

Also, once again, our favourite cockney barrow boy, pleads innocence over the atrocious act of butchery he tried to perform on his arrival at The Vetch, stating it was all a mistake and that he has apologised time and time again (sorry tony, apology not accepted, again!!!).

He claims that the court action by Mel Nurse, along with the hatred of the fans toward him and the damage caused by attacks on his personal and business reputation, have thwarted his attempts to bring in outside investment (Brisbane Lions anyone?) and as a result of this he is currently in talks with a consortium of potential buyers, with a view to selling Swansea City Football Club by the end of January!!! As a parting gesture, Petty has also confirmed that he will still be handing over a third of the shares in the club to season ticket holders and that any new owners will not own more than two thirds of the club. Sounds great doesn’t it? A late Christmas present perhaps? But lets not get too carried away just yet shall we people. This is the man who has lied to us from the start, the man who promised the players and staff that they would be paid this month and then announces on Christmas eve that there is no money for wages!!! He uses the words, “potential” buyers, so there is nothing concrete at the moment, and tell us Mr Petty, how much money do you actually want for OUR football club??? Remember Tony, you only paid £1 for it in the first place!!! This conman has already turned down an offer of £50,000 for the club we love, god know’s how much he’s asking these “potential buyers” for eh???. Also, can we really trust anybody who is involved with Petty? Unless these buyers are local of course?

So, Petty gone by the end of January? Lets sincerely hope so. But I for one won’t believe it until I see it in writing and we have new owners at the helm. There maybe light at the end of the tunnel and our situation, just like the team we love, may be improving, but while this chancer is still in charge, the potential for disaster is still very, very real.

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