Where Is NTL Money?

Wednesday, 2 January 2002, 0:01
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Last week The Football League placed an embargo on incoming transfers to Swansea City due to the fact no pension payments had been paid by the Petty regime.
Now we learn that money from NTL that should go to pay the Communication Officers salary has also gone mysteriously missing. Two years ago Swansea City along with the majority of Football League clubs signed up to an NTL agreement which meant that the ” official ” website was ran by the company – and in turn a post made available by the club in the form of a Communications Officer. Swansea received a large number of applicants and the successful one (?) was Peter Owen.
His salary believed to be around twenty four thousand pounds a year is paid by NTL as a part of the agreement which earns The Swans over two hundred thousand pounds over three years.
However with the back room staff still not paid as of today this means that this particular pay packet is now missing. So where is it ? Peter Owen would not comment to us about the situation, and we do not blame him. If he did he would no doubt get the sack from the current regime, and find himself unemployed.
So we are asking the question ? Where’s the money Tony ? This cash is not Swansea City’ money and should be paid directly to Peter Owen, but of course with the current situation as it stands now of players being paid by the PFA and no other wages available it seems that the only answer is that – The money has gone.
Of course money and Tony Petty always seems to throw up a conundrum of excuses and stories.
Petty has tried to feather his nest with money from the sale of Stuart Roberts to Wycombe for one hundred thousand pounds, and a failed attempt to sell Mamady Sidibe to Barnsley for two hundred thousand pounds. Of course he has also had gate money to the tune of around one hundred thousand pounds too, and don’t forget the eighty eight thousand he received from SKY for the QPR FA cup game.
Our sources at the club tell us that many attempts have been made since December 12th to contact Petty’s sidekick John ” 500 bus stops ” Shuttleworth but he is refusing to answer any calls via his mobile phone. So we thought that maybe you the supporters of Swansea City would like to see if you can get through to John Shuttleworth and ask him just what the hell is going on ?
Petty will only speak to certain press contacts, and that is only to blame others for his mishandling of Swansea City Football Club affairs, so it seems that the onus is on John Shuttleworth ( if that is his real name ) to answer the burning questions. Shuttleworth is supposedly nursing a sick relative ( hide your bank books love ) in London, but very few believe that story. In fact we will lay our reputations on the line here and say – He has done a runner.
If you recall – Petty stated he had opened up a new bank account at Barclays in Bristol, for staff salaries at the end of November, and December’s money was six days late arriving. He blamed it on the BACS system not being set up properly.
Well the question along with the missing pension money and NTL money we would like to ask is ” How much was in that account after we were knocked out of the FA Cup by Macclesfield ? And more importantly where is it ? We understand that the clubs accountant is now being prevented from seeing bank statements so nobody can see if money is leaving various accounts concerning Swansea City FC. Which in itself is highly irregular. And we also know that Don Goss has made it known ( in his words ) ” We are in the shit right up to our necks ” Nice one, with Petty in Australia our Mr Shuttleworth is no doubt as we speak assuming a new identity for his next con trick.
There are clear misdemeanours going on at Swansea City Football Club fuelled by Tony Petty and John Shuttleworth who are being ably assisted by Mike Lewis and their current puppet – Don Goss. And David Bradshaw, a man we understand breached confidences during the Mel Nurse consortium take over to Tony Petty will not leave this current scenario ” unscathed ” either. All are conspiring in our clubs downfall which is now spiralling towards extinction as we owe more and more money each day. We also understand that all bills including medical bills for the players are now not being honoured in full.
We urge those that can and have the information at hand to contact the police and make them know of their suspicions in writing so these people can be brought to book forthwith. It’s time to stand up and be counted, there are not that many Swansea City days left, and as each one passes we are heading like a steam train towards the abyss. Don Goss has already made it known the situation we are in, lets make sure they are all in the same way too.
It’s time to act.
(Footnote – we understand that Peter Owen was paid in Cash on New Years Eve)
The FA of Wales ?
And finally we also note the lack of response by The so called ” FA of Wales ” to the current plight of Swansea City Football Club. The FAW always quick to get involved when a costume character runs on the pitch and fine us thousands of pounds have been conspicuous by their absence in all this. We pose the question ” Would they be so quiet if their beloved Cardiff City were in the same way ” As the powers that be at the FAW drink free wine and stuff prawn sandwiches down their throats at forthcoming Cardiff City fixtures maybe one of them would like to make a comment about the situation ? They have been too quiet and too selective in their dealings with us, so after you have phoned Shuttleworth we ask you ring the FAW too on 02920 372325. That of course is a Cardiff number.
All our New Years resolutions must start – No more lies.
Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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