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Tuesday, 8 January 2002, 0:01
2 mins read

I don’t know how thick this bloke thinks we are but it is clear that he does not hold Swansea fans in very high esteem intelligence wise. His latest load of bollocks, sorry I mean statement, says ” Recent reports concerning the liquidation of Swansea City are totally unfounded. Some payments have been delayed, and the Club is meeting these payments, as it is able. We are relying on people’s patience in the meantime, and are confident that, in due course, all the Club’s commitments will be met in full.”

Some payments have been delayed? You mean some cheques have been stopped and other returned on a technicality. A technicality that convientally you forgot to get a second person to sign the cheque. Cynics would say that is just a devious way of making a half decent excuse. Admit it Petty you have no money, you didn’t won you won the club back in court in one of the worst decisions I have ever seen. Why not get the infamous Mrs Duck to donate some of the money you claimed she had pledged to you? If, of course she exists.

Petty goes on to say ” Mindless rumours concerning the Club are damaging it further, and it is bitterly disappointing that those responsible aren’t getting behind the Club, instead of trying to sink it.” We are always behind this football club because it is part of our lives and blood – you on the other hand are here for no reason that we can figure out other than you thought you could make some money. You made bad (Rivals forbids me to use the word I want to here) decisions, people hate you and you have turned us into a shambles of a football club. What sort of rumours do you expect when you cannot pay out any money that you owe? Stories that the club is flourishing and will soon be challenging for a place in Europe? Get in the real world or better still get back to where you came from.

It is good to hear today that Mel is going to ask the Judge to re-open the case against you. That decision was a travesty and you should not be allowed anywhere near a football club again after this, let alone as an owner of one.

Petty finishes his statement with the line ” The Club is continuing to speak with potential purchasers and we are hopeful that formal agreement on the sale of the Club will soon be reached.” I’ll make you an offer Tony £1. One whole shiny pound to get away from this football club and never darken it’s doors again. When I have given you that £1 I will do the decent thing and hand the club to Mel Nurse and his consortium, something you should have done three months ago. But of course, that is the decent thing.

I cannot believe that this bloke thinks that we will believe a word of this statement and why should we? We have been shat upon since he arrived in Swansea and we will be shat upon until he leaves. Just go Petty, Swansea doesn’t want, need or like you.

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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