Sharpe To The Rescue?

Tuesday, 8 January 2002, 0:01
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Nurse who has our full support in his efforts will also have to take in to consideration that Mike Lewis and his close friend David Bradshaw have also made it public knowledge that they too may be able take the club out of Tony Petty’s hands. Lewis, who has been demonised in the past year for his handling of the Swansea situation still lives in the City with a girlfriend since the end of his marriagea few months ago. He continues to rate as the most unpopular and hated Swansea figure in recent times.
Away from Mel Nurse we learn exclusively that Doug Sharpe has never really let his heartleave The Vetch Field and has been carrying out certain business at the club in the past few days. Sharpe who is a very close friend of Don Goss the stadium manager and recently appointed director, is believed to be advising his friend during these unhappy times. Goss has made it known that he is extremely concerned of Swansea’s immediate future and indeed of the accounting methods of the past few months. During this time Tony Petty’s sidekick John” 500 bus stops ” Shuttleworth has gone missing ( since December 12th ) and questions have been raised asto the movement of money as Swansea City accountants have been stopped from seeing the past two months bank statements. The upshot being bounced cheques and a failure to pay QPR for their share of the FA Cup receipts from the first round. The football league are investigating this.
But the real news today centres around the two foreign gentlemen seen at the club on Tuesday, and Don Goss remaining tight lipped as to the nature of their business there. Our sources tell us that the two gentlemen are of Arab appearance but further inquiries maypoint to a more European connection, and until we are told otherwise we assume that Doug Sharpe is actively getting involved again at The Vetch Field. As a broker ? Or otherwise it will cheer Swans fans today to know that with Nurse actively pursuing further legal information, and with Sharpe assisting his old buddy Don Goss that Swansea’s future may be sorted out sooner rather than later. Any doubters out there ? You should know by now that we here at JackArmy.Net always get the real Swans news first, so check out your morning papers and see where they get their news from too !
FA of Wales
The FA of England’s statement that they have ” Already launched their own investigation ” in to the scenes at Cardiff City on Sunday is a severe slight on the FAW. The continued problems at Swansea have not been commented on by the FAW as we lurch from crisis to crisis, that is except to say ” We are monitoring the situation ” Clearly their inability to act for one of Wales oldest football institutions as we face administration or even liquidation has prompted the powers that be at Lancaster Gate to act quickly. As has already been pointed out the FAW took just five hours totake action against Swansea City when ” Cyril the Swan ” ran on the pitch two years ago, but of course when they are really needed they are conspicuous by their absence. The dodgy dealings of the past six months ! at Swansea has seen now FAW intervention, draw from that what you will.
Supporters Trust offer Petty some cash
The Swansea City Supporters Trust have offered Tony Petty five thousand pounds to take the club from him. Petty who was rumoured to be returning to Swansea on January 6th has made no firm reply to the trust. But at least now he can’t say he has received no firm offer to take control of the club from him, and will make liquidation of the PLC that is Swansea City FC that much harder. Well done to the trust, who knowingly or otherwise may have earned Nurse and Sharpethe few more days that they both need to sort this mess out.
It’s looking a bit brighter today.
Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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