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Wednesday, 9 January 2002, 0:01
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We apologise for the bombardment of news stories over the past week or so, but once close allies of Tony Petty are jumping ship to tell JackArmy.Net of the real truth behind the cash flow situation at Swansea City. And if we hear it – You hear it.
The latest news to hit us after a day which included the breaking news of Petty’s contact with the Mel Nurse consortium, and then Petty’s charges of misconduct with the FA is that of The Centre Of Excellence. At the end of this week the Football League will issue Swansea City with a further payment of seventy thousand pounds which should go on maintaining the youngsters futures at The Vetch Field, and also pay the wages of Paul Compton and Wayne Powell who run the scheme. We are told that there are fears that this money will not reach it’s intended destination with the club now literally dead on it’s feet and unable to function as a business. Our appeal to the football league is to withhold this payment until Tony Petty removes himself from the Swans completely. The reason ? There have been too many anomalies in the past six weeks over the clubs finances, and there is no way that further money should go to the club, or indeed whoever wants to have it.
Today the club accountant has gone sick ! The reason being that she has been placed in an impossible situation with the clubs finances, and knowledge that this money could also be implicated is one furlong too many for her. It cannot be over emphasised to the football league that this cash must not be sent to Swansea City FC.
After a week of highs and lows and further information that the clubs finances are not what they should be, and this includes a football league transfer embargo, we are assured today that there are people at football league level who will attempt to stop this payment. That is until the matters at Swansea are sorted out. The pressure on Tony Petty now must be telling on him. Soccer Australia are known to be extremely concerned as to his dealings at Swansea, and this will place him in an untenable situation with them if he is charged with misconduct, and if this money goes astray. The clear route for Petty now must be to get rid of the club as soon as he can to relieve the pressure on him, and we believe that he will.
But the main concern now is – How fit is the club to continue trading whilst the new consortium deals with the legal implications of getting rid of Petty ? One source tells us that the Oxford United game could be our last and we could be suspended from the league by Thursday. A more informed source states that they have first hand knowledge that this will not be the case as a previous Chairman is now ensuring that we can make it through the next seven days. And that Chairman is not Doug Sharpe who has been at The Vetch Field this week with his friend Don Goss. So we are sure you can guess who it is. (Answers on a postcard!) Away from that we also learn that this seventy thousand pound payment should come via The Premier League and may take a few extra days to surface as we are a Welsh club and the agreement is different for us as opposed to other English clubs. Either way the money must be stopped.
It never seems to be more than five hours before we send you more news on our club, a club that is dying on it’s feet today more so than ever before. A club that bounces cheques, fails to pay the players and staff, is involved in missing lottery money, has charges of misconduct against it and now has a huge question mark over it’s legality and trading stance as a business.
Can it get any worse than this ?
Not if Tony Petty, Mike Lewis ( who continues to attend the Vetch during the day and have meetings with Mel Griffins people ) and the mysterious John Shuttleworth ( is that your real name John? ) leave immediately. Only then will we see some chinks of light. First the consortium must save the Swans, then and only then must we concentrate out efforts on pursuing those who have stolen from us and make sure they receive the correct punishment for their criminality. Lets not confuse matters here, the first issue is our club – Only then will we be free to make sure the people who tried to kill a City’s football club because of their own greed get their just deserts.
Nick Cusack
Swans skipper Nick Cusack will meet with the PFA and football league today to discuss wages issues and to see if he can stop Southampton FC paying The Swans money for trainees that left the club last year under the guidance of Mike Lewis. Whilst he is there we ask that he also makes a mention of the Centre of Excellence money too. Cusack who is the PFA Chairman as well as Swansea’s skipper has worked tirelessly in the past few months, and has asked publicly for Tony Petty to leave the club. His loyalty to the club will not be forgotten.
Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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