Petty Ready To Sell

Wednesday, 23 January 2002, 0:01
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Tony Petty addresses a press conference at the Vetch Field this afternoon to state that the collapse of negotiations with the Mel Griffin consortium was not his fault but he will talk to anyone, even Mel Nurse or the Supporter’s Trust.

Mr Petty also said that all he asks of the new owners is that they provide evidence that they can inject funding into the club, oh how we wish that a certain Mike Lewis had done that back in October and then we may not be in this mess.

With Mel Griffin saying that he cannot deal with Petty, Mel Nurse and his consortium seem the only option open to Petty unless someone else steps in at the eleventh hour. We know that no deal has been signed at the time of writing (soon after Petty’s statement) but who is to say that a deal won’t be completed within the next 24 hours?

The arrival of Mel Nurse if it is indeed Mel that is taking over would be greeted with optimism in Swansea and we only have to hope that they have the funds available to keep the club going in the near future and beyond.

Of course, as I stated to Griffin when he was taking over, the dead wood that remains from Petty’s era will also need to be cleared completely from the football club and this will involve the same names as before. Probably not so much need here to reinforce that as people felt there was to Griffin but all the same it needs saying.

As well as that we have the debacle of yesterday’s pulling out by Griffin. Nurse has to be clever that Petty does not get the greed factor again and decide that he needs to change his mind time and time again. And maybe a public apology for the slagging he gave Mel Nurse last week could also be in order? 😉

Whatever happens, it looks as if Swansea City will be in new hands before the visit to Rochdale on Saturday, whether those are Nurse’s hands remains to be seen but maybe we have reason to be optimistic on the ownership front?

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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