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Friday, 25 January 2002, 0:01
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Good morning. I’m Steve Penny, one of the legal advisers to the Mel Nurse consortium. With me are Mel Nurse, David Morgan, Leigh Dineen and Martin Burgess.

I wish to make a statement on behalf of the consortium and then one from Mel. I have some very good news to announce to the supporters of Swansea City Football Club and to the people of Swansea. At 11pm last night the shareholding of Mr Tony Petty in Swansea City football club was acquired unconditonally from him on behalf of the consortium.

Both he and Mr John Shuttleworth have resigned as officers of the company. As a result neither of these gentlemen any longer have any connection with the club. I can confirm that the consortium includes ex-Swansea and Wales international player and long time supporter of the club in the fullest sense Mr Mel Nurse.

Other members of the consortium are all local people or people with roots or connections with Swansea all of whom have made a financial contribution towards the acquisition of Mr Petty’s shares. The final stages of the consortium’s negotiations with the previous owner have taken place under difficult circumstances. For obvious reasons it has not been possible to disclose the identities of the members of the consortium. In particular it could have prejudiced the negotiations with Mr Petty.

Members of the conosrtium include Mel Nurse, Brian Katzen, Gareth Keen, David Morgan, The Swansea City Supporters Trust and other donors who presently wish to remain anonymous but who care for the future of Swansea and it’s football club. Other potential investors are already talking to the consortium and the consortium is keen to hear from others.

The Swansea Supporters Trust has taken an active role in the consortiums activities and our deep thanks go to the trust representatives and of course to the loyal Swansea fans who have contributed their time effort and money to that cause. The trust will continue to have an active role in the future of the club.

The consortium would like to put on record that the City Council has been extremely supportive over the past weeks. Most recently we have been discussing the position of the club’s lease at the Vetch as this is one of the club’s lifelines. We look forward to continuing those discussions in a constructive way.

Not all of the news however is good. This is only the first day of the club’s new life. The financial affairs of the club are still difficult and there is a great deal to be done. This will start with an immediate review of the club’s financial affairs. During the recent reign of Mr Petty liquidation of the club was a very real probability. Until that is undertaken it will not be possible to be more specific as to what measure will need to be put in place. In the modern world the club will have to be run prudently. The supporters, players, staff and people of Swansea can however be assured that everything possible will be done to ensure the future well being of league football in Swansea which must be good for the city.

I will now read a statement on behalf of Mr Mel Nurse

I’d like to thank all of the people who have helped and who I hope will continue to help us.

Nick Cusack, Roger Freestone and all the players, management and staff for their loyalty.

Mel Griffin and his colleagues who made way earlier this week for our bid to go forward.

The Evening Post and other media for their support including internet people such as Phil Sumbler and Gary Martin.

The efforts behind the scenes of the PFA and the football league are much appreciated.

There are many others but I’d like to place on record my particlar thanks to the people who really matter at the end of the day namely the supporters without whom what now has a chance of happening may never have done so. They can rest assured that Swansea City Football Club will from now on be a club with proper supporter representation, hopefully a new stadium with a loyal and locally based board.

With your help and support this club can go places. Please continue to support the club and not least the players and the manager and coach Colin Addison and Peter Nicholas all of whom have acquitted themselves admirably under difficult circumstances. Let’s get behind them home and away let’s see if we can fill the Vetch again.

Thank you.

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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