The Return Of Hamer?

Thursday, 7 February 2002, 0:01
2 mins read
The name – Steve Hamer. Now much has been said about him on this site, and indeed behind closed doors in recent weeks. But the man who swears he is Swansea through and through will be in the stands come Saturday at Leyton Orient. As a guest of his friend, O’s owner Barry Hearne. We are sure that many would have read all sorts of possibilities in to Hamer’s attendance at the game, including the press pack who turn to JACKARMY.NET every day in search of the latest Swans story.
However, Hamers day out watching The Swans will be as a guest, and until certain things are ironed out in Swansea that’s how it stays. We received an e mail yesterday questioning Steve Hamers love of Swansea City FC, and asking why he has not been at the forefront of the recent take over. Well, we are not going to answer for him, but if you see him on Saturday – Why don’t you ask him ? Like everything there is always a reason. But what we can say is that Steve Hamer has done his bit in recent times, like all of us he has been burrowing away, and making Tony Petty’s reign a short one. Remember, it’s not what you know in times like these it’s who you know. And all we will say is that certain sums of money that could have gone to Petty are now in the hands of Mel Nurse & Co, and in time those who have fought so hard for the clubs future will no doubt be rewarded. By seeing Swansea City secure their football league future come the end of April.
Nigel Hamer, Steve’s brother is actively involved in The Swansea City Supporters Trust, so all the information about the club is no doubt is free flowing back to the Sporting Club in London where Steve Hamer works. And as he has stated to us ” I care about Swansea City passionately, and I worry every day about the clubs future to operate as a football league club ” The very fact that Nigel Hamer is involved at the heart of Supporters Trust business may indicate to the more receptive Swans fan that Steve Hamer’s heart never left Swansea City when he was sacked by Neil Mcclure 16 months ago.
But like all of us his heart will turn to on the pitch business on Saturday and the big six pointer in the Capital against Leyton Orient. A win will ease concerns off the pitch as we look forward to two home games next week against Kidderminster and Southend, a loss will no doubt increase the pressure on Colin Addison. Addison now free from illness and able to concentrate on the remaining games must draw on the lessons he learned two season ago when Scarborough went down to the Conference with him as manager. And turn those lessons in to positive points for the final run in. And with a new board expected to be announced soon at The Vetch Field there will be many Swans fans looking towards London after Saturday – To see if the name of one Steve Hamer is included in the final placements.
If that is to be there must be a number of differences settled in the short term, and in the long term a return to the values we have all yearned for at Swansea City – Trust and Honesty. With Petty now well and truly buried that’s all we ask for.
And that’s all we have ever asked for.
Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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