We’re Not Down Yet

Sunday, 10 February 2002, 0:01
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OK, I cannot possibly argue that current form has seen us take just three points from the last 24 and on that basis we are not going to get many more points but we are losing/drawing games that, as Nick Rees pointed out, we would have won two years ago with the luck that Hollins had at the time.

The fact of the matter though at the moment is that we are eight clear points ahead of Halifax who have one game in hand over us. OK, if they win that they are five points behind so they need two more wins than us.

I have seen it argued that very soon Halifax will start battling to save their football league lives – is there anything to suggest that we won’t or even that we haven’t already?

But we take the point and I do expect Halifax to start battling and raising their game by 50% in the coming matches to do that. Now if we assume that they are going to raise 50% of their form season to date, they will accumulate 18 more points giving them a total of 43. We will then need 11 more to be safe and our form over the season to date would give us another 14 points already.

Halifax have also only won 2 of their last 23 league games. Won 2 Drawn 8 Lost 13 is their full record over that time. I am not suggesting complacency here as nothing is safe until it is mathematically so but things aren’t quite as bleak as they are being made out in places.

Don’t get me wrong I would love to say that we are in Plymouth’s place at the moment or even that of Cheltenham or Kidderminster but considering what we have had to deal with this season would a finish of 18th place be bad? I don’t think so.

There are arguments over which form guide should you look at. Four games, six games, ten games or the whole season but form guides mean nothing at the moment. Points on the board are the only thing that count come the end of the season and at the moment we are eight points to the good on that count.

Come on people we are not down and I’d be more worried as a Torquay fan let alone a Halifax one. OK, we need to start winning games if we are to really start relaxing a bit more but say we win two of the next 3 (the third being Halifax) then what do you think then? Are we safer

Us and Halifax are the out of form teams at the moment in the division but really there is nothing to choose between the two and nothing to suggest that they have the capability to put nine more points on the board than us over the last 10 weeks of the season.


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