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Friday, 22 February 2002, 0:01
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It has been confirmed that Martin Burgess has left the Vetch after the management committee decided that his skills were not required and that it was best for both parties that they went their separate ways.

Burgess had played a big part in the ousting of Tony Petty from the football club and it had been anticipated that he would be appointed as managing director of the club.

However, it seems that his requirements were not able to be met with people already seemingly in place at the club to do the job that Burgess would have done. His salary demands have been reported as £60,000 per annum although we suspect that this figure is just rumoured and not the real figure discussed.

Martin Burgess was a member of the board of Swansea City under previous regimes but resigned his post soon after the arrival of Tony Petty. He was then banned from the Vetch by Don Goss but this ban was lifted as soon as the consortium took over the running of the football club.

Since that time we understand that Burgess has been sorting out the mess left by previous regimes on a non-salaried basis. However, as with anyone, the time comes when you have to consider yourself and discussions opened with regards a full time position for Burgess.

After lengthy discussions it was decided that he could not offer the club anything that was not already in place and he moves on to new challenges for him. As we are aware, the finances of the football club are in somewhat of a mess and fingers have been pointed from some corners at Martin Burgess who was, of course, finance director at the time the misdemeanors were carried out.

Of course, the news that the club have parted company with another potential annual cost must be welcomed with open arms. Naturally, there will be disappointment from Martin that he was unable to see completely through the work he has done and nothing should take away from him what he put into taking the club off Tony Petty.

However, the club is still in need of cutting costs wherever possible and this news is something that we would have not seen under previous regimes. Salaries are essential in some parts of any business but they should not be handed out like sweets left right and centre and this is a positive move in my opinion.

Personally, I wish Martin Burgess all the best for the future. Having had many conversations with members of the consortium I know what he put into the saving of this football club and for that we should always be grateful.

But the club moves forward without him and, as a Swansea fan, I am sure Martin Burgess can appreciate why the need for that is there?

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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