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The main topic of last week was the management team, mainly Peter Nicholas. How long has Peter been here?, a few months. Where was he before he came here?, Barry Town. Now call me thick if you like, but I don’t think that this bloke is in a position to be handing out ultimatums to the board!

The management want new contracts. They have family’s to feed, and future’s to think about. I have no problem whatsoever with that, but if I wanted to find out from my boss if I was being kept on, I would go in his office and ask him, quietly, in his ear. If Peter Nicholas had followed this example, I wouldn’t be writing this. Unfortunately though, Peter made a public outburst demanding that they give them new contracts or otherwise they are off, also known as an ultimatum!

Colin Addison has since come out and denied this, which I don’t believe anyway. Personally, I would give them new contracts. I feel that Addison and Nicholas have done a very good job with us. They have worked under what can only be described as horrendous circumstances. Morale is the camp is high, which has been proven by our gritty displays on the pitch, and finally, the results are starting to come with it. We’ve got some cracking young talent coming through, and on the pitch, I’m very optimistic for next season.

Handing out ultimatums though is the wrong way to go about it. The board are trying to get the club back on its feet. We’ve been on our knees for months, maybe even years. Peter Nicholas should not have done this, and he has lost the respect from a lot of people, and if the board turned around and told him where to go, I wouldn’t blame them. No one man is bigger than any club, especially not SWANSEA CITY.

So to matters on the pitch. Tuesday night we faced high flying Scunthorpe. The game ended 2-2, but to be honest, that was the least we deserved, even though our brilliant equaliser from Andrew Mumford came in the 93rd minute. Brian Laws entertained us with his usual after match antics if things don’t go his way. The bloke is absolutely pathetic, and a disgrace to Scunthorpe Utd.

The thing he was arguing about was whether the referee was right to award us the free kick which led to the equaliser. The ball broke to the edge of the box and one of the Scuthorpe players dived in feet first. He didn’t catch our player, but in my book, that is a dangerous tackle. Brian Laws tried saying that because he didn’t touch our player, it wasn’t a free kick!! Read the rule book Brian. If the INTENT is there, it’s a free kick. If you go to head butt someone on the football pitch, but miss, does that make it alright?! Point made.

Once again we proved that we can easily compete with the ‘Top’ teams in this division, and had it not been for our terrible form in the first ¾ of the season, we would no doubt be well up the table now. We can blame Tony Petty for this, who I understand is having a torrid time of it in Australia. I wish Mr Petty all the worst luck in the world!

Again, a disappointing crowd of 3,085 turned out. Now that results have picked up, our attendances seem to be going down! Probably the fact that the game was on a Tuesday night, and the weather was bad contributed to the low crowd.

In an effort to ratify this problem, the board announced that Friday’s game against Hull would be half price. A good idea, which worked, with Friday’s crowd reaching the 5,000 mark. Although not a massive profit, the larger crowd helped in other ways. An excellent atmosphere helped us to a 1-0 win, Watkin heading in the winner 4 minutes from time. Again, we deserved the 3 points. Their keeper made several good saves, while we also hit the bar and post.

Roger also made some good saves, and was at his usual best. It was his 490th appearance for the Swans. What a servant. Roger has had numerous chances to move away from the Vetch and earn a lot more money, but he has got to be one of the most loyal bloke’s in football. In this day and age, players seem to think more about their wallets than than anything else, but not Roger. I speak on behalf on all Swansea fans and thank Roger for his amazing service to the Swans. It makes me laugh when I see players like Ryan Giggs getting testimonials. The real one’s who deserve them and players like Roger. ROGER, ROGER ROGER, ROGER ROGER FEESTONE!!

That’s about it for last week. A quiet week by our standards. On the field performances are very encouraging. We still aren’t playing as well as we could be. Even Friday night I though we actually played quite badly, but we still managed to win against a team that has been up the top of the table all season. If we can keep the same squad for next season, we will have no problem getting at least a play-off place, if not automatic promotion.

John Cornforth was in the crowd on Friday night. Why I don’t know. Exeter aren’t due to play either of us, so is there something going on that we don’t know about? If Cornforth became Swansea manager, that would be a dream come true for most fans. I can’t see it happening, but you never know. He must have been there for a reason. Chances are though it was either a social visit, or he’s got his eye on a certain player. Mel Nurse has obviously denied any rumours about Cornforth making a return.

Well, on to Shrewsbury Tuesday night. 3 points there, and who knows, play-offs?!

Swansea Till I Die PhilJack

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