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Bournemouth aren’t doing so bad either. Now it looks like the fat cats of broadcasting are to drop the big one on league football by backtracking on their contracts to the Nationwide clubs.

Division 1 clubs for example were promised 1.9 million but the media moguls now want to cut that down to 500k. In Division 3 the nice little sum of 200k could be hammered down to nearer 50k.!

Now I am not an expert on broadcasting or the mechanics behind it, who is? But I have a radical idea that could bring clubs much needed income. How?

Well for those of you who have Digital TV you will notice how many tv stations are now available from God TV to MUFCTV (are they the same thing? 😉

I am surprised that there are only 2 football club related TV stations Man U and Chelsea. How much does it cost to set one of these up?

Can you imagine JackTV? Would you pay to have your very own Swansea City tv channel? Interviews during the week. Replays of games gone by, football debate, interviews, highlights etc. As I said I do not know about costings but am interested in the concept. Audio Visual equipment could be hired from Swansea University for example and I am sure that the students on the Media Studies degrees would jump at the chance of producing their own television stations!

Many fans are now able to tune into their own local radio station via digital tv no matter where they live in the country keeping them in touch with local news and events. How difficult is it to pump audio into the digital network? Could audio-visual be done the same way?

The commercial boys at SCFC surely could get advertising and sponsorship revenues from local firms. As we all know TV has changed, no longer do we have to sit through nationwide commercials with cable companies like NTL we are now able to see the latest carpet or fitted kitchen deals from the Enterprise Zone! Therefore local advertising could be brought onto Jack TV at a much cheaper price and a more targetted audience.

Or there could even be a ‘rivals style’ platform where local channels get their advertising from a central source i.e a company like Nike and then topped up with local firms.

You would pay a subscription per month but lets say a Luton fan wanted to watch the Swans Luton game at the Vetch then a pay TV element can be brought in where the Luton fan pays a fiver to watch Jack TV’s coverage of that game.

Some say this would hurt crowds and attendence, but would it? I don’t see excessive TV coverage of Man Utd rendering Old Trafford empty. I am sure I speak for every football fan when I say that NOTHING beats live action. There is the other side that elderly or infirm supporters who can no longer go the Vetch for health reasons can still watch the team. Parents who cant afford to talk all the kids to the games can wean their offspring onto Swansea via TV instead of them idolising Man U or Arsenal.

Can you imagine getting to see a whole game for once? Interviews with Cusack and co. Full on debates with supporters and other groups?

I am not urging the directors to go out there and do this. This is probably a pipe dream for now, but with the way digital TV is moving I think this could be a reality in the future!

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