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Saturday, 6 April 2002, 0:00
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So where do you start on a match report for a game that was, at best, dreadful. Well, we’ll start in the usual place with the Swans line-up. Rog had three pain killing injections in his ankle to resume his place in goal and there was also a recall to the line-up for captain, Kristian O’Leary, with Chris Todd dropping to the bench.


De-Vulgt O’Leary Smith Howard

Romo Mumford Phillips Coates

Williams Sidibe

It seems the norm these days for games at the Vetch to be dreadful and this was certainly the tone for all the first half. There was one good save from Roger from a customary free header that we have been giving for the last two years and Muymford hit a low free kick which was well saved by the York goalkeeper.
But in reality, that was the best of the first half. Swansea had very little shape, found it hard to keep possession and, in turn struggled against a York side that were about the same level as us. Romo out wide right did not work, he was sucked inside too often and, as such, left us with no width. Leigh De-Vulgt is not looking like a league player, he is too slight to compete in what can be a very physical division at times and also seems unable to read the play when looking to send balls forward. In fairness though he was several times unlucky with the players too often not lacking the committment to chase any form of ball.
The second half fared little better to the first. There were chances for Sidibe a couple of times but Swansea didn’t really look like scoring. Ryan Casey came on to moans around the North Bank and Cusack came on for Williams with Todd coming on late on for the limping Smith but it made little difference. Casey had three chances to play in a telling cross, and all three times the ball went for a goal kick which just about sums up the way that he is playing at this moment in time. The fact that he buried his head in his hands after the third of these crosses tends to suggest that he may realise that his time as a Swansea player is running out.
But the clock will be ticking on others as well. Indeed, out of the 14 players that took part on the pitch this afternoon, 7 of them find themselves out of contract when the season ends. These are people that are supposedly playing for their careers being extended at Swansea but some of them clearly do not want that to happen as they are showing no committment to the cause. Whoever does come in as manager (more news on that front tomorrow) has a massive task ahead of them in deciding who should stay and who should go. Of the 7 that played today I would keep maybe 4 or 5 of them and some of the others should go with immediate effect.
This was a shocking display and if the committee want to know where the fans are going then they just need to look at the men in the white shirts on the pitch. There will never be great loyalty in turning up week in week out from the fans if some of the players cannot be arsed to play their heart out for the club.
If you were to ask me to pick man of the match today I would pick Steve Brodie as he didn’t put a foot wrong all afternoon – he sat on the bench all game. That was as bad as we got.
We will struggle big time next season based on this performance and it’s true to say that if we played like this next season I fail to see who could finish below us. Very worrying times indeed.
An Alternative View By Cracker Jack
What a fcukin’ terrible display today. I have seen some shite performances by the Swans in my time and this was right up there with them. I cannot believe the lack of passion or committment. So many of them were terrible, there wouldn’t be many I would keep next year if it were up to me… Sidibe – BLOODY USELESS!! Another Walter Boyd. Lazy, clumsy and just not interested. I for one don’t care if we don’t make anything on him as long as he’s not wearing a Swans shirt next season. He has to go!! Casey – FCUKIN DISASTEROUS!! He is just so shite!! Williams – TOO FCUKIN SLOW!! We were missing Watkin today (gulp!!) and why oh why didn’t Brodie play?? At least he tries EVERY game. I could go on, but I will just say that if the current team have so much respect for Cus & Rog then why the FCUK don’t they show it and play with a bit of pride??? I know some will crucify me on this MB for saying it but I really don’t think giving Cus & Rog the job full-time is a good idea. They are too inexperienced and the job is too much of a "poisoned chalice". We need an experienced manager for next season (possibly with Cus as his #2) with a proven track record. Someone who knows the lower divisions inside out. Enter Mr Brian Flynn!! We need to get rid of a host of players and get some new blood in… and if that means going to the League of Wales to find them then so be it as there are some decent players there.

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