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Flynn has been out of work since leaving Wrexham earlier this season, to date his only managerial appointment, where he spent almost 12 years in the hot seat. Flynn, we are told took part in a long meeting with Hugh Jenkins on Friday at Port Talbot and was also present at yesterday’s game in the East Stand. But is her the answer, or the man to take this club forward, we suspect possibly not. Before, we go any further let’s have a look at his managerial record at Wrexham
Appointed Sacked P W D L
24th November 1989 24th September 2001 628 223 179 226
Hardly something to shout from the rooftops about and also it is noticeable that despite being out of work since September, no-one seems to have been queuing up to give him a job which when you consider that over 50% of league clubs have looked for a new manager this season, could be classed as a worrying statement.
We also hear on the grapevine that Dean Saunders is interested in a return to Swansea and has said to those close to him that he would do the job for £50,000 per annum. Surely Flynn would be taking at least that sort of salary in his own right as well? Dean Saunders or Brian Flynn – who would you choose? Apparantely, all Dean is waiting for is a phone call, but his phone doesn’t ring and we ask that those with the power to do so make that phone ring.
One of the biggest tasks that the management committee are faced with is getting people back through the gates of the Vetch. The appointment of the right manager would help people do that. I spent some time yesterday talking to people about Brian Flynn and some were talking about not coming back if Flynn gets the job. The appointment of Saunders, we appreciate he is inexperienced, would put people on the gates. While we are here the argument of inexperience doesn’t wash – remember a certain John Toshacks first appointment as manager?
Of course there are other names coming out of the woodwork. Stuart Pearce, due to retire from playing, Peter Shreeves, Bobby Gould – all names linked with the club over the past few days.
But of course it’s not just the managers position that is causing discussions amongst the fans. Today we read in the Sunday Mirror that there is a possible swedish consortium looking to invest, sorry takeover. This consortium involves former chairman Steve Hamer allegedly and even Celtic Manor supremo Terry Matthews. But then you get on the other hand whispers that the current people in situ don’t want to relinquish control.
Am I being completely naive in wondering that if all these people have the best interests of Swansea City at heart then they should be all working together rather than all pulling in seperate directions for their own seemingly personal gain? The days of this was supposed to have finished when we ousted Petty surely? Why does it have to be that people who have money need to be in complete control – surely all have one aim in the best for Swansea City?
It seems that Brian Flynn is the desired choice as manager, but it also seems that maybe not all agree with this decision. So who casts the final vote. Most seem to know the answer to this. And if this consortium want to put money into Swansea City can they do it with the existing people still there or are the rumour people right on this as well that the current occupants are reluctant to release control?
I only care about one thing and that is the football club. I want the best for Swansea City and, again, I may be being naive, if I think to myself that if I was in charge I would want money from all sources on one proviso – it benefits the football club. The fact that people will only invest if they get complete control worries me and if the only way that they can get control is to stop others having it then it worries me even more.
The club should be moving forwards, not sideways or backwards but at times I really do worry.

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