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Such has been the norm at the club for the last five years of knocking the owners it seems to me that some people cannot let go of this bone and no matter what happens some will just queue up to take a knock at what is going on.
The latest in the line of these people appears to be Wayne Davies, who has had his pop on Gary Martin’s North Bank Natter page. Wayne has made some clear statements about how the club is being run and how he disagrees with certain things.
Some of the article is pure fact as far as I can see it. The Supporter’s Trust have put in £30,000 to date, a figure confirmed by their chairman Leigh Dineen “At present the trust has funds of approx £44000 of which £30k has gone to the club in shares so far. Of the remaining £14k some of it is membership fees. It does not include any proceeds from the raffle.” Can’t argue with Wayne’s source on that one – comes out of the trust with the same figure as he quoted. Spot on.
Another of Wayne’s points “Thanks to Mel Nurse we would have long gone.” I am thinking here that he must mean if it wasn’t for Mel Nurse we would have been long gone and again he’s right. Mel led the battle against Petty from the front and we have all thanked him for it.
Now, Hugh Jenkins. As I understand it, and I stand to be corrected if proved wrong, Hugh is on the board as an investor. Whether he holds the voting rights of Martin Morgan or anyone else I don’t see as relevant. If he is on the board because he has put his money into the club then do we have a problem with that? Personally I don’t.
From reading various things in the papers and on the web-sites I guess that there are other people investing in the club that we don’t know of. Speculation is always rife about who these people are and most can take logical guesses. Is it right that we don’t know the names of all these people? I don’t know, if I invested I wouldn’t want people to know that I had invested (I wish I could invest) because I like to watch the games from my usual place in the centre stand without people asking me questions about the running of the club all the time. Maybe that is the same logic that others have as well. My viewpoint is that if there are major investors (and by major I mean major in comparison to those that we know about) then we have a right to be given a name but that decision is sadly not mine.
Much talk this week about expenses claims of 25p per mile from the management committee. A fact denied by Leigh Dineen again on Gary’s guestbook but one that Wayne states is true. Is it true or not? I have no idea to be perfectly honest but is this a classic case of ‘believing what you want to believe?’ or does Wayne have evidence to back this up? I would say at the moment that some of the management committee I understand are meeting club expenses from their own personal funds and receiving this back but they are club expenses and certainly not, I am told, expense claims for travel to away games. I understand that, as a result of the CVA, there are problems in some quarters getting credit and that last week the centre of excellence were away somewhere and the hotel needed a credit card to secure the booking. This was a personal credit card of one of the management committee that was used and this money will of course be repaid.
Complimentary tickets. Another sore subject amongst many, myself included, and certainly one that Wayne has said “why” to. Having spoken to a couple of members of Vetch staff they tell me they have all had a memo about complimentary tickets and watching the numbers that are being given at each game. There will always be complimentaries being given away at football matches. The players get some for each game as I believe to the centre of excellence. Who the players give them to is another matter but you will never get to the stage where everyone through the gates on matchday is a paying customer.
So what do we have with Wayne. A case of old habits dying hard or does he have a grudge at the moment against the people that run the club? I don’t know Wayne Davies, only by sight, so it is hard to comment. He runs buses to occasional away trips and, as far as I know, makes donations into the club by way of sponsorship. Maybe we have just been in the habit too long of making criticism of everything? Should Swansea City be an open book? Do we have the right to know everything that is going on? Or are we just being mushrooms? (Kept in the dark and fed on s before anyone asks)
Swansea City is a business. As with any business, we don’t have any right to know everything. Do you ask your local paper shop to open his books when you go into pay your paper bill as you have got your newspapers from there for the last 15 years? So why should Swansea City be any different. I have a feeling that there is something else behind Wayne’s comments in the article but I suspect that the only people who can confirm that are Wayne or the management committee themselves. Maybe one of them would like to comment?

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