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Wednesday, 17 April 2002, 0:00
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We all have our own ideas of our ideal team, so this weeks question is who would we (if we could) or would we not have (if we could choose) playing in our club?

I like many of you don’t like Swansea to lose, but never to loose would be impossible (but no one expects to lose 7-1) but how you lose can be just as important as how you win. Teams can loose but still go down fighting with a bit of pride and dignity. What type of play do you prefer a team to use? We have all seen games this season where teams were happy just to win playing defensively not caring how they played. This can be as exciting as looking at the test card on the television. We have all seen teams that have been saved by brilliance (goalkeeper Alan Marriott of Lincoln city) and we have seen teams that are fighters (Kidderminster) but what type of team have we got at the moment? Well I’d rather not say but Nick Cusack did, and after listening to him I believe there will be big changes next season and rightly so. The only player Nick had anything good to say about was Steve Brodie who again gave 100% well done Steve.

It now Tuesday evening and the news is that Brian Flynn has been appointed the new director of football and Brian now has the chance to do what we would all like to do, to find players who he considers suitable for the type of team he wants for next season. Whatever team we have I hope they entertaining, as this will pull in the crowds. Today football is totally different than years ago, it’s no longer just a sport it is now a business and has to be run as such, so skill full, entertaining football is called for, but the hard slog in the third division is normal and it is a division for men not for wimps. One of the problems at the moment is that Brian has a limited budget to get these new quality players (how limited we don’t know), but with his knowledge of the game and his contacts (Heard that one before?) he should do well. Unfortunately there are clubs with worse financial problems than us. Lincoln city for example, where players I am sure will be offloaded not because they are rubbish but because their club can’t afford to pay them, just as we were forced to do not so long ago. So what is a bad situation for them could be a chance for us to pick up a good mixture of young and older mature players with pedigrees that could help the youngsters. You will note I have refrained from naming players that I think would suit S.C.F.C as this is up to Brian and will depend on the type of team to be chosen. If he picks a team to play the way he wants I’m sure we are in for a good season next year. Brian is without doubt going to have people who will knock him, but it’s not personal and goes with the territory. I know it will started shortly (no pun intended), I just hope Brian will realises that for every one who slag’s him off there are probably 10 who are with him but don’t say anything. This is expected at Swansea (we have always had our moan-a-lots) those who are never satisfied. Even when we were doing well in the glory days we still had the knockers, and although constructive criticism is fine the slagging for the sake of it is not but trying to stop it is like nailing jelly to the ceiling. What sort of team do you want to see next season? What players do you think could make a difference? I’d like to see quality not quantity but what about you. Don’t keep your ideas to your self; Let us know your thoughts on the matter put them on the message board where these ideas can be discussed.

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