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Can you bring us up to date with the current situation regarding the transfer embargo?Leigh Dineen : The transfer embargo remains in place until 28 days after the CVA was agreed. We have a further 7 days and then we will be able to bring in new players, however, strict salary budgets were set up as part of the CVA and any players we bring in will be subject to those budgets.

How do you communicate with each other when you are so busy with your own businesses etc?Steve Penney : Don Goss is the general manager and looks after the day to day running of the club. The majority of the directors spend at least a couple of hours a day at the club and of course we communicate by phone all the time.

How will you improve communication to the fans?Leigh Dineen : Most of our time has been spent concentrating on matters regarding the CVA, when this is over in 7 days we can then concentrate on the day to day running of the club, PR, etc. A lot of details regarding the CVA were not released to the fans as we didn’t want to panic anyone, such was the extent of the problems we faced.

The fans want a single voice from the club when it comes to communication, is this being looked at?Steve Penney : All club communications will now go through Peter Owen

Is there anything in the Ekland story and will you step aside if someone comes in with an offer?Steve Penney : There have been no approaches from this group at all but we would step aside tomorrow if someone came forward with an offer that would benefit the club.David Morgan : If you want to buy a football club, why go through the press to do it? Safeguards are now in place to make sure that the club does not fall into the hands of anyone who doesn’t have the clubs best interests at heart.

Are you looking at the lack of disabled facilities at the Vetch?Leigh Dineen : We have just received a report regarding the disabled facilities at the club and this will be discussed at the next board meeting.

When will the fans be consulted on proposed Morfa stadium and will we get to see all the proposals?Steve Penney : We have seen all the plans and proposals and we are happy with the way things are moving. However, a confidentiality agreement which was signed with Swansea City council prevents us from going into more detail.

Is it true that Brian Flynn won’t be joining the club?Huw Jenkins : Yes, due to a number of issues it has been mutually agreed that this is the wrong time for Brian to join the club. Brian has stated that he will be on hand and will offer any advice if necessary.

How will the youth set-up at the club suffer without a definite youth structure in place?Nick Cusack : Wayne Powell is currently looking after the youth set-up at the club and now that we have become stable after the recent turbulent times at the club I will be looking at the whole set-up and plan to overhaul the entire structure.

What about a youth academy?Nick Cusack : There are very stringent FA guidelines which have to be met to attain academy status but it is something we can definitely look at in the future.

What changes will you be making to the playing squad in the close season?Nick Cusack : There are some players currently at the club who need to move on to different challenges, Big changes will be made during the summer and we have a window of opportunity as there will be a lot of players looking for new clubs. I will be putting strict disciplinary measures in place and players must realise that they represent the club at all times. Players will be subject to afternoon training sessions and we need three things in our squad, reliability, consistency and experience. Players should be privileged and honoured to play for Swansea City Football Club.

When will we be moving to the Morfa Stadium?David Morgan : The council have assured us that we will be playing at the Morfa in September 2003. We believe there will be an announcement within the next 2 weeks.

What will you do to inspire fans during the close season?David Morgan : The new kit will be launched in May and yes, it will be black and white. Additions to the playing staff in the coming months will also ignite interest and we are currently looking at season ticket prices.

Do you think the squad suffers due to a lack of reserve team football?Huw Jenkins : With the regionalised under 21 league that will be launched within the next 6 to 12 months this problem will hopefully be solved.

What size will the squad be for next season?Nick Cusack : I can’t give you a definite figure but at the moment but I’m looking to have around 21-22 players.

What quality players are you looking to bring in?Nick Cusack : As I said earlier, I can’t give you any names but I will be looking to bring quality players into the squad.

Stuart Roberts for instance?Nick Cusack : As I said, we are only looking for quality players and Stuart Roberts certainly falls into that category!!!

Does Nick think that his current workload is too heavy for one man?Nick Cusack : We are currently looking to bring someone in to work with me.

If players are told that their contracts are not being renewed will this affect their performance in the FAW final against Cardiff?Nick Cusack : I am not obliged to inform players about their contracts until after the final on May 18th and that is what I will do. Any player who pulls on a Swansea shirt against Cardiff shouldn’t need any encouragement to perform well!!!

Will there be any civil or criminal proceedings against Tony Petty or Mike Lewis due to their past running of the club?Steve Penney : Until the auditors have gone through all the accounts I cannot possibly comment on that.

Were you consulted over the arrangements for the FAW final?Leigh Dineen : No, we received a letter informing us of the decision.Nick Cusack : We will only receive 37% of the gate receipts from the final. I would have thought that given our current financial situation that it would have been better if the game was played at the Vetch.

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