The War Is Over

Sunday, 28 April 2002, 0:00
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With the club just days away from extinction, Real Radio announced that the Mel Griffin bid had fallen through. We sat in silence and watched the raindrops stream down the windscreen and started to come to terms with the realisation that League football in Swansea was nearly at an end. All the anguish and the fighting of the last three months had been for nothing, many battles had been won and lost but it looked like Petty had finally won the war.

As we all know, the story doesn’t end there. Just over 48 hours later, the moment we had been dreaming of arrived. Mel Nurse and his consortium stepped in and bought the club from Petty and the whole of Swansea rejoiced. I was lucky enough to be part of the celebrations that night, the chat room was packed to the rafters as we all revelled in the glorious victory we had achieved. Drinks were drunk, songs were sung and the overwhelming opinion was "Swansea’s coming home" the war was finally over.

I read a story recently about a South Vietnamese soldier who had spent 19 years deep in the jungle in the Quang Ngai Province not realising that the Vietnam War had ended. When they found him he believed that he was being captured by Americans and it was only after several hours of "de-briefing" that he finally accepted the truth. What the hell has this got to do with the Swans???. Well, it seems that we have our own "Guerrillas in our midst" (sic). People who fail to realise that it’s time to lay down their weapons and work WITH the club not AGAINST it.

The people who acted on our behalf to bring the club back to the fans ARE fans themselves. Now, I’m not saying that their perfect, I can assure you that the likes of David Morgan and Leigh Dineen would be the first to admit that they’re not. But one thing we can be sure of is that they have the clubs best interests at heart. I also believe that they should not be above criticism when they get things wrong, but the constant attacks that come from some elements of the Swan’s support are getting beyond a joke. The club are criticised for their lack of communication with the fans, but what happens when they do actually talk to us? Their press releases and statements are rubbished by people who are still stuck in the "jungle" of the Ninth Floor and Petty years! I’m sure that if the club released a statement tomorrow telling the fans that football is played on grass, we’d still get people disagreeing with them!!!.

The club is being run by people who wouldn’t (and couldn’t!!!) take us for a ride. People, who a lot of us know personally, people who we trust, people who love the club as much as we do.

Sure, we’d all love to know every detail of the running of the club. But we don’t have the RIGHT to this information. After all, Swansea City F.C. is a private company and some things have to remain private. When something needs to be told to the fans, we are told, but this is not good enough for some people. The management committee are in a no win situation it’s a simple case of "damned if you do, damned if you don’t". People ask for Fans Forums and Trust Q+A sessions and then don’t seem interested in using them!!! It’s time to stop wallowing in our chequered past. It wouldn’t hurt for once to actually believe what the Management Committee and the Trust tell us for god sake. These people have put literally hundreds of unpaid hours into saving OUR club and perhaps it’s about time we repaid them.

So lets support the Management Committee and the Trust and move forward together, and when the whistle is blown at the Vetch at the start of next season, try and remember that if it wasn’t for people who truly love the Swan’s and have sweated blood to save them, we wouldn’t even have a football club!!!

Until next week…………………. JACKARMY!!!!!!!!!!!

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