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Thursday, 8 August 2002, 0:00
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Anyhow, a lot’s happened in that year, what with Petty, Sidibe, QPR, and my shoulders finally broadening….and at the dawn of a new season, boy it’s great to be back!

Right, let’s cut to the chase. On a serious note, I am a very pessimistic guy by nature, so maybe it’ll surprise you when I say I have a very good feeling about the Swans this year. A lot seems to be clicking into place and more than anything, the stuff that makes the headlines down at The Vetch these days is not the usual negative heartache we got all too accustomed to during the last campaign. No, instead it’s stories of “fans throughout the town coming to spruce up the joint in their own free time” and tales of barrier-breaking matches between rival fans, as opposed to those barrier-throwing patches that marred the end of our last season….

Maybe Dave Hannan has said it best when he talks about the dawning of a “mutual respect”. Although he is referring to the Jackarmy.net and SleepingGiant fans, that mutual respect seems to be buzzing around all things Swansea-related these days. Cusack enters his first full (hopefully….I for one am sick to the teeth of playing Swansea Manager Bingo for one lifetime!) season with the full backing of both board and fans, after having shown his true colours as PFA Chairman. An ambitious set of “in and out” transfers has now slashed the burdening wage bill and reformed the squad into a blend of 3rd division tough cookies and skillful youth. Mr Curtis has also been welcomed back to The Vetch with open arms, and now Cusack and Curtis hope to bring some league and cup glory back to Swansea, and relive one of the better moments of last season, the QPR match, and thus bring a more welcome brand of CCTV into Swansea town centre…

As an aside, I was back home in Newport a few weeks ago, and managed to catch the County play Shrewsbury in a friendly. It was Colin Addison’s first match back at the club, and I overheard the guys behind me (who were awfully “in the know”, as guys who sit behind you always are) chortle about how Colin apparently said to the directors “I don’t want any salary…..just buy me a Mercedes and we’ll call it quits”. I don’t know if this is true or not, or which side it benefited most, but it made me smile at the wonders that lower league football holds. I mean, the excitement of the premiership is all well and good….and the World Cup was fantastic (well, I thought so anyway!)….but it’s only in the lower leagues where the REAL stories appear: the postmen turning into footballers, entire squads getting wiped out by a mystery virus, a former league manager being fobbed off with a 200 quid B-reg Merc from Dodgy Des’s Dashboard Dodgems, that kind of thing…..

C’mon the Swans, this time it’s personal!;o)

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