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Monday, 26 August 2002, 0:00
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To me football has always been about Saturday’s. Why should it be any different? Time and time again we hear people throwing the argument about the size of the Swansea league and stating that if we played on a Friday then we would get much bigger crowds. If we look back over the past few seasons we can see that it makes no difference in reality to attendances. Let’s take the championship season for example. We had an average home league gate of 5920 throughout the season. We played 4 home league games on a Friday night that season with a total of attendance of 22,495 – an average of 5623. This average was dramatically increased by an attendance of 7430 against Northampton – a match co-incidentally shown live on Sky TV. For every person that cannot make a game on a Saturday afternoon there is very likely to be one that cannot make it on a Friday evening. Those that want matches moved to a Friday night make some very good points. There have been very memorable games in the past that have taken place under the Vetch Field floodlights. West Ham and Millwall in the cup but for every game like that there is the natural scraped draw against Chester City that makes you wonder if the players are thinking of Coronation Street rather than the job in hand. This one needs to be checked out but I am sure that somewhere along the line I read that only three matches a season can be switched from a Saturday afternoon for reasons other than (a) police advice and (b) Television coverage – anyone out there know about this one? I am interested in the thoughts on Friday night football but I grew up with football on a Saturday afternoon and I wuite like it where it is. There are people on this site that come down on Saturday’s but would struggle on a Friday and I would rather accomodate people like this rather than people who play football on a Saturday because the crowds don’t increase when the local leagues are called off. That is my argument against Football on a Friday – what do you think? And by the way is anyone else getting just a tad bored of this ‘my site is bigger than yours’ argument? Some people should just give it a rest and concentrate on what all sites do for the club instead of this pompus self-righteous attitude. responds – To be honest whatever the reasoning for the ‘truly independent site’ comment I am bored of it all. is as independent today as it was last season or the season before. A comment on the official site does not change this nor do I have any intention of letting it change this. The reasons for the comment that you make reference to are known to Dai Smith and he is entitled to write what he wants. I have no major issues with it, however what does bother me is people who see the need to constantly put one or other of the sites down for whatever reason. All Swansea City sites do a great job and we should remember that. However, some people at times seem fit to just put one site or the other down for whatever reason. Why is beyond me but I guess some just cannot help themselves. I make no claims over this site being bigger or better than anything else on the internet and have no intentions of doing so now. The people that visit the site (statistics) speak enough volumes for me and that is all that really bothers me. I suggest we just drop the whole argument and I am sure that most will agree with me that the whole argument is pointless at best and very childish – Phil Sumbler

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