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Tuesday, 10 September 2002, 0:00
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Now down to business what’s been going on you guys, 20 days off the board and your already calling for Cussacks head, the referee to be shot and Cyril to be unleashed, giving me some very negative vibes.

Now is the time to get behind the team and give them the support they need, not crucify them. Personally my feelings are that we will reach no more than mid table, not without two or three more experienced players strategically placed within the team. That is only my personal view which I hope is wrong (which is normally the case) The Referees we have had at the vetch so far this season have been discussed by many on this board. Most seem to agree that the refereeing has been deplorable, I have got to agree that on the face of it, there doesn’t seem to be any logic behind the decisions being made. When an incident happens at one end a player gets a yellow card, yet two minutes later at the other end the same incident seems to produce nothing, WHY. But would any of you like to do their job If I were asked my answer would be no. I’m the first to complain about referees but I sit in the centre stand watching the play from the comfort of my seat. The Refs are the one’s running with the players with restricted vision (and not just because they need glasses) trying to control the game. The abuse they receive from the fans of both sides is horrendous. They are paid officials I hear you say, well that’s true, but there is no way I would want to be a referee. Why, take this as an example.

In 1999 referee Eddy Green decided (after being confronted at half time over a decision he had made earlier during the match) enough was enough and walked out of the ground quitting the game there and then saying he was no longer willing to take the flak and it’s the players who are the cheats now, was he that far wrong? Just look at the likes of Keane, admitting intentionally injuring another player to gain an advantage and Rivaldo pain in his face caused by a ball to his thigh at the world cup in Japan. There have also been issues about the amount of abuse referees take. Some leaving the game forever.

Their job not an easy one and where possible I believe the use of an electronic score board could be used giving the referee the same view as everyone else, but it would still be his decision at the end of the day. To be honest we could get worst officials than we have had, like the one without a sense of humour that Gazza helped in his jocular way when he dropped his yellow card, Gazza picked it up for him holding it up to him the way a yellow card would be held up to player, he was promptly given the yellow card costing him a two games ban. Referees are the power behind the game a good ref can let a game flow while a whistle happy referee can cause a game to be as interesting as paint drying or AAJ postings (Sorry Steve)

A quote from premiership referee Alan Wilkie in 1998 say’s a lot “I love my job and I get a real buzz when I say “play on” and a goal results That’s enthralling and I think God I made that” What can you say I’m happy sitting watching the match and slagging off the ref is one of the enjoyments of a Saturday game. But I think the closing words of Arsene Wenger after the Sheffield Wednesday v Arsenal match in 1998 sums up the fans opinion on refs in general. “I’m not going to give a verdict on the referee there are enough people in England doing that already we don’t need one more”

What’s your opinion on the refs of today? Do you have any memories good or bad concerning ref’s decisions? Let us know, share your thoughts on the message board, and keep in touch

All the best,

Dave le rave.

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