Credit Where It’s Due

Sunday, 22 September 2002, 0:01
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As regular readers on this site will know, I was not overly (underestimation!) happy at the decision to change the management last week nor the way in which it was handled. However, they have stood up and offered to meet with me this week at the Vetch to discuss these matters. The invitation has been accepted and the outcome of the meeting will be posted back on the site. Previous owners have deliberately avoided speaking to the fans so the actions of Dave Morgan, Leigh Dineen and Huw Jenkins must be commended.

I also have to dispel a few rumours at this moment in time as well. I am hearing allegations that I post on this site under many different names. I can confirm to all that I post all my articles under my name or that of PSumbler on the message board. I am certainly not Richard Evans, I am sure he will be amused to hear that one nor am I Bryan Evans who again I am sure will be highly amused by that accusation. Bryan Evans is a false name and I ask no reasons of the person who writes it why they hide behind it.

It is difficult at times to appreciate that criticism is not personal. There is a fine line between making an opinion and making it personal against one person. I would ask that all members of the board appreciate that what I have written (me personally) is not taken overly personally although I take on board that this may be easier said then done. I will take nothing away from the work that people do for this club nor the time that they give nor have I ever said that I do. Others may do so and that is their perogative but I don’t. People criticise the work on this site and, yes I do take some of it personally so I do see where they are coming from.

However, I feel that questions at times need to be asked and the fact that I have been given the opportunity to do so, is again to be applauded. One thing that I don’t doubt is that what the owners do is for what they see to be the benefit of Swansea City. They can not be expected to make every correct decision along the way and the fact that at times because I would do it a different way does not make their way the wrong way.

As for the Supporters Trust. As anyone who is involved with the trust knows, I was co-opted onto the board as the MAGS representative last year. However, work commitments meant I could not do that position justice and I handed in my notice to Leigh. I promote the trust when I get the chance via this site but cannot afford them anything more than that (other than my membership fees!) Again I don’t agree with everything that they do but the same goes for the above, my way is nowhere near always the correct way.

What people should think about though is that irrespective of what has gone in the past, questions can still be raised. I did not make any personal attack on any member of the board in my article just stated that I would not have made the same decision at that time. My questions on Tuesday will surround this opinion and the fact that I believe we should have a Chairman. The board have their reasons for this and that is what I will listen to.

One final rumour to dispel. I get paid to write (and maintain) this site. I’m not ashamed of it – it takes many hours per month to do so (Phil Crocker will confirm this) and in reality it is less than the minimum wage. The money covers my costs is my opinion and I do not make myself out to speak for others. I speak for myself and state my opinions and I always welcome the opinion of others whether good or bad. To write an article for this site then just click this link and e-mail your opinion. Simple rules are that it must be football related and non libellous. So let’s hear those voices.

But full credit to the current board for taking this step and certainly one that makes me think much more clearly along the lines that this is now an open club which can only benefit one cause – Swansea City!

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