Must Win Game?

Friday, 18 October 2002, 0:01
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Well, let’s have a think about it. We have 33 games left this season, and have taken 8 points from 13 games, or more worryingly, 3 points from the last 9. 2 league goals in the last 6 games, only one win all season. The list there is endless. We are up that famous creek but luckily enough for us at the moment we still have a paddle. But for how long?

Already we are four points adrift from the side in 21st place, Exeter City, which in itself isn’t a problem when 22nd should save us from the drop. But we don’t really want to hang about to finish there surely? If we are to avoid the drop then I would like it to be confirmed by at least March rather than living on a knife edge when we play Hull on May 3rd at the Vetch. But when does a game become a must win game?

Sure, we won’t be relegated tomorrow nor will a win guarantee us safety but a win starts a sequence that can develop. Brian Flynn said after we drew two in a row that we had to start somewhere so let’s think about it for tomorrow. Our last win was 24th August, we’re getting used to not winning and that has to be rectified sooner rather than later. If we only took 3 points from the next 27 we are halfway into a season with just 10 points – I wouldn’t fancy us to get out of that mess. And of course tomorrow becomes more important as it’s at home and wins tend to increase crowds and increased crowds bring increased money – something the club will always be in need of.

Southend are no mugs, they lie 6th at the moment, but think about this – lose tomorrow and then lose at Carlisle next week and we are at least FIVE points from safety. It starts to become an uphill battle. But look at it a different way, win both games and chances are we’re out of the drop zone, but worse case scenario we are one point from safety.

Tomorrow is not necessarily a must win but I would much rather we made the trip to Carlisle with a win under our belt and a bit of confidence running than with a defeat and knowing that Carlisle becomes the must win game. It’s the harsh reality that if we lose tomorrow then we HAVE to get the result next week or I fear we are sucked into our position for the season.

And let’s face it, after Carlisle we don’t play another team in the bottom 7 until the end of November. We have to be closing that gap before then otherwise it could be curtains. The old statement of the team bottom at Christmas gets relegated could come true and Christmas draws closer with us in bottom place. We also have to remember that If Boston hadn’t had 4 points deducted we would be four points away from safety and tomorrow would be must win. Personally, I still think that it is and failure to win tomorrow means two months without a league win, I really do believe that we couldn’t recover from that – but I stand to be proved wrong.

Luckily, I think we will win (don’t ask why!) and I think we’ll follow that up with a point at Carlisle – let’s hope so anyway. But as for must win – I don’t think so but if we don’t then the next game does definitely fall into that category.

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