Swansea 0 Kidderminster 4

Tuesday, 29 October 2002, 0:01
2 mins read

Sometimes you get back from a match and want to try and remember as little of it as possible and tonight was definitely one of those occasions. From the moment, Thomas passed to Wood from the opening kick off we were outclassed.

Make no bones about it Kidderminster are a good team but at the same time this was a very bad Swansea performance. To put it into real perspective, Kidderminster visibly dropped two gears after they scored the fourth goal and still looked the better team than we did. They were sharper, faster and more passionate about the game than we were and the result, believe it or not, flatters us greatly. If we had conceded 8 or 9 we could not have had much to complain about.

So where do we really start as far as a match report goes? Well, I’m not going to go into each goal individually other than to say that unless we put a foot in we will never win a tackle. Three of the goals from memory were as a result of us sitting back and letting players run at us and when you have players the ability of JJ Melligan as Kidderminster did then you will be humbled – and so we were.

4-0 down just after the hour mark and Kidderminster decided that it was time to take the piss. The game was over as a contest and, as has been said before, this is when you want the referee to step in and stop the bout before someone gets seriously hurt. Shouts of “You’re not fit to wear the shirt” are so apt to players, too many of them happy to stand around and watch the play revolve whilst the opposition show great pride in their performance.

Who do you single out as bad players? Wood and Thomas up front battled hard and Jenkins in midfield put in a decent performance but you stop there. In fairness to Roger in goal, he pulled off some good saves to keep the score down but a goalkeeper will never look like he is shining when the defence in front of him is as solid as you know what after a strong vindaloo!

Make no mistake about it, we are a team heading for the Conference and on performances like this we will struggle to hold our own there. As the players trudged off at the end of the game, none of them could hold their head up to look at the fans whilst the Kiddie players took the plaudits.

We have too many players in this team that are either not up to the job or they are not up for the job. Sadly, the players that we have in reserve will add little to the performance and it is difficult at the moment to see where we are going to get the string of results that we need from. If we are to get out of the mire then it will take something to kick start it and at the moment the only thing that could possibly start it would be a miracle. Flynn, Reeves and Curtis have their jobs cut out big time and I am sure all three are scratching their heads to see exactly what they can do.

Take nothing away from Kidderminster, they are the best I have seen this season, but we are a very bad footballing team and unless something is done quickly then the last rites could be administered long before the final ball is kicked next May.

Man of the match? It would be an insult to single out a Swansea player for any kind of performance so we’ll go with Melligan of the opposition who ran us ragged and must have wondered why no-one was prepared to tackle.

I don’t think it could get much worse.

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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