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Friday, 8 November 2002, 0:01
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And I am better ! ( ish, make your own minds up after reading this ) But on the pitch we are not. I have always said that the club’s feel good factor is reflected in a few wins and a decent league position ( even with Hollins in charge ) however, Brian Flynn is really up against it. And still I disagree with those who say that the players Cusack signed are not good enough.
Paul Reid, David Smith, David Moss and James Thomas are all excellent signings, I maybe agree with the others( something tells me we may get a few player shocks in the next few weeks, business
acumen surely is now stating that some have to leave ? ) and the season’s good fortune was always going to rest onthese players shoulders. And rumours of unhappiness in the players ranks may be slightly true when you see Reid’s desperate pleas to the manager during the first ten minutes of the Kidderminster game. He shouted atthe bench ” We are being slaughtered in midfield,we are being over run ” This as fiveKidderminster players were swarming all over our three man midfield, it basically signaled an immediateend to our tactics for the night. And sadly was not rectified. I don’t think I want to mention the result again. But my question is why was Reid not listened too ? He is experienced and has many years of expertise, why was his desperate plea not recognised on the bench ? It all felt a bit Hollinsesque …….
All four of the players I have mentioned are better than the players they replaced this season, and we really needed them to get it right quickly, and as I said I disagree that they are poor signings ( Thomas clearly is not ) And I will also say that I disagree with the appointment of Flynn as manager or whatever he is,Nick Cusack should have been given more time, for proof look at Flynn’s results. But that is not a bad reflection on Flynn as a manager. As I have said surely we now have to support him and Kevin Reeves ? This is the last throw of the dice. We are picking up the tab from three seasons of mismanagement, some would say twenty, from the time we were promoted in 2000 it has been downhill basically. Petty, Lewis, Hollins and Mcclure have all to hold their hands up. And there are others. Not that any of the bastards care !
With RogerFreestone, myself and Phil felt it right to get involved in the loan scheme pioneered by the Supporters Trust, and I am pleased to see Stu Roberts getting involved too. The three punters who asked Leighton James and David Giles to do the same on Real Radio will wait forever to get an answer. Leighton answered the question better than any politician I have heard, but my point is he makes his money out of football, and most of it from talking about Swansea City who he says he supports. So where’s your money Leighton, it’s time to stop talking and get involved. No excuses, get your pennies on the table. John Hartson also states he is a Jack, so I would expect an anonymous donation at least if he doesn’t need the publicity. And what aboutMichael Howard ex MP the man who didn’t mind being photographed with The Autoglass Trophy in 1994 ? Where the hell is he ? Same place as Neil Kinnock will be no doubt when the Ninian Park bubblebursts and the massive sleeping giant with 13,000 crowds finds itself with millions of debt and no Sam Hammam ( Ask Wimbledon fans about him ) Kinnock, the epitome of stupidity, the question is did he really pay for that scarf he wears when sat next to Hammam, and does he pay an entrance fee ?
Back in reality land, we need a football mind at the helm at the moment. Someone maybe of the pedigree of Steve Hamer ? The current board may cringe, I care not, it’s fact. I am not saying him to a tee, but he does have a few qualities, and I would be very surprised if the board do not discuss him from time to time (well lets say they do eh ? ) See previous paragraph. Many will disagree with Hamer, and I know it will surprisesome supporters( even Hamer himself) But I feel he is one of only a few people who could save our season. He could easily sort out the finances for loan players, he has many good contacts at board room and Chairman level that we don’t have at the moment. Get him in for three months on asensible wage, is that the answer ? Maybe cheaper than all the other alternatives considered at board room level at this time. But maybe the weekend will bring some better news eh ? The thing is time is so short and we now need action and no more words, immediate action. Thinking about Hamer though, and I keep hearing many doubters, and no I have never( and will never ) forget his time at Swansea, nor the stupid contracts he handed out, especially to John bloody Hollins. But does he not have certain qualities ?
They are trying I know ( the board – no quips ) but I remain to be convinced that a travel scheme for the FA Cup recognises our immediate plight, but things have to continue I suppose. I felt the David Jones thing went a bit up in the air when it happened, to many his loss and reappearance is of no point of interest ( for those that don’t know he is a commercial bod behind the scenes ) but now he is back maybe the commercial dept will look a little further outside Swansea as we attempt to get more people through the gates for the final push to save our league status. West Wales is a big place and doesn’t end on the Carmarthen Road.
Andam I sensing a siege mentality at board room level. An us and them scenario ? If this is appearing in the minds of those who control our club then it certainly is showing with certain comments of late. This is our club remember,we are deserving of the right to reply and indeed the right to question. Andjust because at times we don’t agree does not mean we have to be disowned or disregarded ( See Silver Shield article Evening post December 6th 1997 ) Don’t make the same mistakes is too easy to say – So maybe they shouldn’t make similar ones this time around eh ? We were treated very poorlyby Mcclure, Petty and Lewiswhen they were atThe Vetch Field. The board should remember that, they too were no different to any of us at the time and they should remember the way it makes you feel when you are treated in this way ( moan over for now ) We are not progressing and too many obvious mistakes have been made, however they arenow genuine ones, and in that vein they are forgivable, but those like David Morgan and Leigh Dineen had the guts to stand up and be counted when few others could be bothered. And I include the rest of the board in this. We had no alternative and were happy that they were brave enough to make themselves the next scapegoats for the fans. Because that’s all any board member becomes, either immediately or eventually. Remember they took over and stabilised the club, they made no promises and still don’t. What they have done is guaranteed the 400k that was owed, and will also honour the 250k lost to date. And that’s fair to me, more than fair in fact. It’s a dodgy time, but lets be sensible, and hope that Reeves and Flynn have the answers. I really hope so, but have a horrible feeling that the next six weeks will determine the very futureof a club with nearly 100 years football history behind it. It’s a short time to save such a lot
No pressure Mr Flynn. None at all. You asked for action from the fans and you are getting it, so how about a little action on the pitch and lets see you really earning your moolah and keeping us up. We are doing our bit, so how about everyone doing theirs ? And there is no room now for shirkers, and in future players not giving 100 % will be named and shamed, no Jack gives less than 100 % in a Swans shirt. If theyfail they are no good to us. We need fighters, and yes, people prepared to spill blood.
And we have all done that in the past, and are more than prepared to do it again.
Six points from the next two home games may keep our fighting spirits up, and quite literally keep the wolves from the door.
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