No Hamer Return?

Wednesday, 13 November 2002, 0:01
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he reason for this was his commitment to the rugby ! And no he wasn’t at Wales v Fiji, Hamer was at England v The All Blacks at good old Twickers. Never one to turn down a good day out with his well healed friends ourSteve,muted by some, even on this site, as a good man to steer the Swans ship to safety once again chose the squashed ball game over football, and his beloved Swansea City.
The board at the club have already discussed in a closed forumof Hamers return to the fold last week,the result of which beingfor now he was to be kept at arms length. However, they may be surprised to learn that a well respected and long serving Swanseasupporter, a man who we will not name here has invited him to the next Swansea home game. That game against Shrewsbury at the end of the month will see Steve Hamer once again treading the boards of our beloved club. Many at the top of the Swansea tree( currently ) will not be happy to see him at the club, but there are a few old timers floating about in The Vetch recesses desperate to seehim return. For many supporters it is an intolerable position for Swansea City to see Hamer return after the regime he led and endorsed for three years at Swansea City. A regime that delivered very little with the exception of a hefty contract to John Hollins reportedly onfour thousand pounds a week when Swansea were promoted ( compliments of Hamer ) And failed to carry out it’s promises of a new stadium, and time and time again refuelled the clubs wage bill with extortionate salaries that nearly crippled the club. And in the opinion of many went a long way to contributing to the current situation at Swansea City FC, if not totally to blame with odd appointments like Mike Lewis, currently guiding Exeter to The Conference, and the Mr Burns look-alike, Peter ( feed them straw ) Day.
However, there are also fans who would like to see Hamer return, under strict guidelines,to enhance the profile of the club and assist in moves for a safer and sounder Swansea future. Many will also point to Brian Flynn’s capabilities in the transfer market with very little effort to date in bringing in new players. The week after next will definitely be a watershed for him in that respect with fans cash now available for two signings at least. If Hamer does return it will not be in the capacity he once held, and definitely not at any cost to the club. That has already been agreed.
Swans supporters should be aware that he is no longer at the forefront of the National Sporting Club in London, and also that he is rumoured to be ( allegedly ) working at certain levels with Swansea City already. He made various important phone calls asTony Petty was ousted by the fans to the Football League, and influenced certain Football League members to use restraint when dealing with Swansea City due to our precarious position financially at the time. His influence is clear to all, but will it be enough to secure him another posting to the club he states he has supported all his life ?
There is also a connection with Steve Hamer and Matt Bound which we are attempting to find out, and if we can we will contact Hamer for a comment on this current development, and his side of the Swansea story.
Of course he knows how to contact JA.Net, he has done so before, and his brother Nigel is still conveniently monitoring this site and all Swansea matters from his position within the Swans supporters trust.
Talking of higher profile fans at The Vetch Field we learn that Bo Ecklund returned to Sweden after his weekend on the Swansea terraces, and was happy to see his team beat Macclesfield 1-0 with a late Matt Murphy goal. Ecklund has made it clear that he has no real cash to invest in Swansea City to the Evening Post, and no board members spoke with him at all even though he was in the hospitality suite after the game. However, we do know that he was somewhat put out that he was not received more reverentlyafter the game, which may mean two things.
1. The board saw no reason to talk to him as he made no steps to talk to them.
2. After five years of discussions Ecklund has no real desire to further anything financially with Swansea City.
However, if that is the case why travel from Stockholm to Swansea as often as he does ? If he has anything to offer maybe the board should contact Ecklund directly and ask him to put these rumours to rest. But then again, maybe he has himself with his comments on the weekend.
But for now the Swansea story continues with players released, the board in discussions about Hamer and two burning questions ?
Justhow will Steve Hamer get on with the Swansea board, a board of supporters very critical at times of the regime he was sacked from two years ago by Neil Mcclure, if indeed he does return. And just what is Bo Ecklund, a millionaire in his own right really getting off on when he visits The Vetch Field and watches Swansea City. Is it that he is just a fan ?
And of course many Swans fans will believe we are better of without thepair of them, the situation is as stable as it can be( in a storm ) does it really need these two anywhere near the club, and the baggage that both will bring ? The next edition of Jackplug may now be red hot off the press before Santa rewards us with more Christmas surprises. And we can promise you this much, December will be full of them. Remember Jacks, always read between the lines, if you do so whenever you visit this site you almost certainly will have many answers already.
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