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Thursday, 16 January 2003, 0:01
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JC was enjoying a quiet drink in an Exeter pub whenwe met up with him for a few drinks three weeks ago, and he immediately wanted to know everything that was going on at The Vetch Field. It was only after a few minutes chat that it became obvious he knew as much as any well informed Swans fan.
The twenty minutes or so spent with John told us that he was as keen as ever to see The Swans do well, and after our recent struggles he is even more so. As crisis looms, quite clearly out of control, and is about to become a reality we felt this was the best time to print our chat with John Cornforth.
JA.NET – John, there’s all sorts of opinion flying around about Brian Flynn and Kevin Reeves, how difficult will it be for them right now.
JC – Yeah, very difficult, the more games you lose the more harder it becomes, you just have to hope they get it right quickly because our league position is bleak.
JA.NET -You were in the same positionat Exeterand turned it around somewhat, what did you do ?
JC – Get the right people working for you, I had Pat Ampadu, Martin Thomas, players you know well, they are fighters, and get the midfield battling and working well. That was key. Then you have to look at what is achievable like, you know the games you know you have to win, target them, and get the points against all odds, we did that last term and I felt built the side towards this season.
JA.NET – But of course the current regime, and our mutual friend Mr Mike Lewis put a stop to that.
Cue various “Lewis chants ” ( Content absolutely 100 % defamatory ) throughout the pub which strangely the landlord agreed with. Maybehe knows him ?
JC – Well, it’s not done the club too well has it, they are in as bad a position now as when I took over, I saw it coming and to be honest was well warned about those people.
JA.NET -We know you have a lot of friends in Swansea still, so you must have known the bad news that follows these people around, especially after the Lewis and Petty saga.
JC – That was terrible,me and you spoke then about it all, I remember us talking on the phone, I was ready to come in and sort it out, and for a short while thought I had the nod to be the next Swansea manager.
JA.NET – So did we, in fact we were told that you would be appointed by one of the people making the decisions at The Vetch, and it was a surprise when Roger and Nick were given the temporary job.
JC – Nick did well with what he had and had the support afterwards of the board or they wouldn’t have sanctioned ten signings, that’s about all he could have asked for, it’s a shame it didn’t work out he is not a bad player, infact when he left you lost a good player there. I will say that most of those signings were very good, Paul Reid and David Moss, Thomas and David Smith especially.
It’s important to point out here that Nick Cusack was never sacked by Swansea City and on the day Brian Flynn was appointed he was stillon the Swansea staff. We had it on good authority that his job was safe, and it was if the board are to be believed. Nick Cusack left SwanseaCity of his own accord after turning down an offer to stay at the club. A decision however hard for him to make we support, it would have been very difficult for Nick to remain at The Vetch Field.
JA.NET – So Swansea is still a job you would take.
JC – You know I would, and I’m not after Brian’s job, he is the manager, but the club are my team, I would graft so hard for them it would be untrue. It means a lot.
JA.NET – So you would go back now ?
JC – Yes, now tomorrow, next week, anytime. In fact I have spoken to one of the board ( name removed ) you know him ( JA.NET: actually he is the one we don’t really know ) about the current situation as an interested fan, and I said clearly to them, You know where I am, you have my number,this would not have happened if you gave me the job last time around. But yes, I would do anything for Swansea.
JC – Anyway boys enjoy the beer, I’m getting the eye of the Mrs, give my regards to the Jacks.
At this moment in time Swansea City have a management team in Brian Flynn and Kevin Reeves in place. Recent performances are encouraging, but comments coming form The Vetch such as those attributed to Jason Smith this week are not clever. 3,500 Swansea fans braved last Tuesdays defeat against Bury, 99 % of any other clubs fans in the Nationwide would not have been there in such large numbers after a string of so many pitiful defeats, real disappointment, and not a goal scored since November. We would even hazard a guess that Cardiff City would have failed to achieve such a commendable support if they were in the same position as Swansea based on the last time they were near the foot of the football leaguefour years ago, and their declared attendances at the time.
Jason Smith and all the players, when they try hard, do not shirk their responsibility to the club to get out there and play ( nuff said ? )and show passion will alwayshave the support of us all. Steve Watkin received abuse on Tuesday as a culmination of a number of seasons of poor displays,some will argue differently that’s football. But we will take Jason up on one thing,the club does mean more to us than it does to them, andby puttingtwenty three grand in the players wages kitty proves some way to showing that. And against some of our better judgements supporting the regime at Swansea City regardless – so as not to rock the boat and ensure we have an equal shot at survival.
This is not a time for throw away remarks nor getting out of a pram because someone
says something silly in the heat of the moment. We have very few chances left, it starts on Saturday again, and whilst we remain with a chance of survival we hope.
But now is not the time for alienation, especially when the target are the people who are paying the wages of those whoare doing the criticising. No matter if that money comes in the form of season tickets, gate revenue or donationsthat put a strain on your own finances, this support should not be forgotten.
And if we do stay up those players can be proud.
But if we don’t there are people out there still, who wear their hearts on their sleeves like John Cornforth who may or may not be the answer, who can say ?
What is clear to us all now is that the effort to date has only seen us drift towards the football conference, which could easily lead to the death of a great club and great fans. So to all at the Vetch Field with an opinion we say this – Clunk Click before very trip, especially when that trip is a verbal one. Lets get three points on Saturday boys, and lets leave the arguing until May.
When there will, no doubt, be plenty to say.
Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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