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Sunday, 26 January 2003, 0:01
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Today it’s the turn of the News of The World and our old mate Tony Rees to put forward the argument that Ekland is the only way forward for this football club. Despite the fact that the article is factually incorrect to start with.

  • The current board seized control in January not March
  • Steve Penny is not on the board of directors

Tony Rees only decides to print certain aspects of what Ekland has to say. Let’s just have a look at Ekland’s argument for now and see where we can draw conclusions on whether we want him or not.

In his conversation with Rees, Ekland says “I have been monitoring the situation at the club for 18 months and I am now ready to move in. I want to invest in Swansea City but only on a specially formulated business plan”

Now on the face of it that sounds healthy but then we take this extract from the Western Mail and it sounds less healthy “I understand “I understand the Morfa project is more or less ready to get started, But if something went wrong, I would be very interested in taking things on. However, if I was not able to get involved with developing the Morfa, I can’t say for certain that I would invest in Swansea City.”

Now I’m sure that somewhere in the not too distant past I have seen people walk in through the Vetch Field doors because of the Morfa Stadium. What is it with this stadium that attracts people to the club who are ‘lifelong fans’ or who have ‘relatives in Neath’? It makes me uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable indeed.

Ekland goes on in the News Of The World “I will not say anything about that, except to state my approach was met with a positive response” Yet the council believe that “Mr Ekland received a polite hearing from council officials but no commitment was made by the council and we do not anticipate any further proposals from him”

One of these is right which one do you want to believe?

And of course the article at the end of the NOTW piece contains the line that was uttered just over 12 months ago at the Press conference to unveil the consortium “”The men who run the Swans say they’d step aide for the right investors – it’s time for them to show integrity and do this!”

Now I may be a cynic but they made that statement and the fact that Ekland has not invested to date could be because the board believe he is not the right investor?

Now before we conclude this article I take you back to May 23rd 2003 and an interview that Bo Ekland conducted with Keith Haynes for this site. Keith put forward this question “Swansea City need clever and intelligent investment with people with the right agenda, and you have already pin pointed that someone coming in with McClure’s attitude is doomed to fail, and we respect that. But what makes you different to the rest ?”

And Mr Ekland’s response? “The fact I know about people and respect their wishes, how can you cast aside the passion Swansea fans have for their club and criminalise everything for your own gain ?” Hmmmmmmmmmm?

OK we don’t pass judgment but we have a list of questions that we feel fan’s should consider before passing judgment themselves on any form of investment not just that of Mr Ekland

  1. It has been stated that unless control can be gained of the Morfa project then it is unlikely that investment will be given. Should we accept any form of investment that has ties attached to it
  2. If you wanted to invest in the club would you go to the club directly or the National Press?
  3. Should investment be conditional that the current board move aside?
  4. Who is best placed to decide on the ‘right investment’ – the club and it’s advisers or national press journalists?

Now the board say that no offer has been made from Ekland and all we can do is read his comments in the press. I have to confess that I am not keen on this one little bit and until things start working through the process properly (i.e. PRIVATE meetings with THE BOARD) then I cannot see how it can be good for the club.

Of course, I remain always open to being convinced the other way but a gut feeling now says thanks for the offer but No Thanks.

What do you think? Scroll up the page and vote in our latest poll on whether you want Ekland at the Vetch.

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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