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Reid was branded a ‘squealer’ for taking the story to the press and was heavily criticised on both the main unofficial Swansea web-sites via the forums available and longer articles. There was a sole voice who stuck up for Reid and that was one of his friends. Well, through that friend we made contact with Paul Reid and took the opportunity to let him put forward his side of the story amongst other things. – Paul, you have come under heavy criticism from the fans with regards the press story – how do you feel about this?
PR – I’m gutted. I’ve done nothing wrong, the fan’s don’t (or didn’t) know the full story – But was it right to go running to the press when your wages weren’t paid?
PR – I didn’t. There is no way that I would go "running or squealing" to the press about anything – Certain Cardiff-based press are only too happy to have a dig at the Swans – in hindsight would you talk to them again?
PR – I had nothing to hide. "They" already knew that there was a problem with the wages not being paid. They asked me how I felt about it and I said I’ve a mortgage and bills to pay how would they feel if they hadn’t been paid. You also have to wonder how they knew that I was the only player not to be paid. – It was also stated on the Message Board that your contact numbers are ex-drectory – presumably you had given them the numbers?
PR – No, we’re only allowed to give out the numbers to certain people, the club have my mobile & home numbers for football related stuff. – But they had the number?
PR – I can only guess how they got the number. I presume someone from the club gave it out. – In your own words, what happened to your wages?
PR – The first I knew was when I had a letter from my bank telling me that the money expected in the account wasn’t there I went into work and asked what the problem was and they offered me a cheque – that would have meant another five days for it to be cleared and then bank charges would have been made. I asked that they transfer the money direct into my account, which is what they did. – All your team mates were paid on time though?
PR – No I found that they had been paid on the Monday – When did you get paid again?
PR – On The Thursday afternoon – So you feel all the criticism is unfair?
PR – Definitely, I feel as if I have done nothing wrong – Also, it has been reported that you have had a training ground bust-up with Brian Flynn, is this true?
PR – Absolute rubblish, garbage…..In fact I asked the gaffer after I heard the story ‘What’s this about us having a bust up’ he just laughed and said the same And any truth in another rumour that the club offered to pay your contract up pre-Christmas?
PS – Absolutely no truth in that at all – You stated a few weeks back that you didn’t think you would get a new contract in the summer – is this still your opinion?
PR – Yes at this moment in time – But you still want to stay in the area?
PR – Yes definitely. Hopefully I’ll get to play in the LoW – As a player, how frustrating do you find it to be on the sidelines watching your team mates being involved in a relegation battle?
PR – Gutted. I want to be out there playing. I’ve been in football 17 years, of course it hurts me not playing – Can you see yourself returning to the team this season?
PR – No besides I have a knee injury which would have kept me out of the team anyway – You started so well against Rushden with that goal – do you think it was a case that the change in management last year did not help your cause?
PR – It didn’t help matters. Me & The Lads thought it was a bad decision to let Nick go when they did, he should have been given more time. – Do you still keep in touch with Nick?
PR – Yes he is the PFA rep for a start – Any plans for a management career of your own?
PR – Hopefully I’ve got my UEFA B & C coaching badges. I coached Bradford City Under 14’s last year by the way – Do you see yourself as a ‘tea cup throwing’ or ‘gentle persuasion type manager?
PR – I think a bit of both really. I’ve had some decent managers in my time, some were a bit on the quiet side & then……………. some managers are quiet decent chaps – some loud and nasty but I won’t name names! Comment – Paul Reid was heavily criticised for revealing his story in the press two weeks ago. He has clearly been upset by this and was keen to put forward his side of the story. It is not unfeasibly to assume that the press made the most of this – it is certainly not unknown for some to love any negative coming from the gates of the Vetch.
It is unlikely that Paul Reid will be here next season but you do not get to play over 500 games in the football league without some form of ability. It all started so well for him against Rushden on the opening day where he was nominated as the fans man of the match on the internet. Since then he has been unlucky and found himself out in the cold as Brian Flynn rebuilds his own squad. There is a chance that we have been overly critical of him and maybe it was a complete case of the whole situation being blown out of proportion by one badly placed newspaper article? That though is for people reading to judge.

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