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With everyone preparing for the biggest match in our history against Hull on Saturday, brings you the first in a series of articles written by YOU, the fans. Tonight’s subject is favourite players. Take it away lads and lasses……………………….

"Jimmy Gilligan, a typical striker who always seemingly scored. I always remember the goal he scored against Tottenham in the league cup after his comeback from his back injury which later caused him to retire. Roberto Martinez, the guy is sheer class. A player we should look to keep next season. Already his goal against Macclesfield this season sticks in my mind"

Gareth Jones (Whiteswan)

"Favourite player in recent times has to be for me "Super Johnny Cornforth" that boy could ping a ball on a sixpence sheer class!!"

Rob "Abergavenny"

"Leon Britton and Roberto Martinez have kept us up this season, without them two we would have been relegated a long time ago"

Matthew Taylor

"If I had to pick one, it would have to be Super Johnny Cornforth. I just loved him. He could pass a ball thirty or forty yards right to a blokes feet, he could back heel a ball with more accuracy than most players could pass it conventionally, he had that little touch of arrogance, on the pitch, that the special players have, and he was the first Geordie to play for Wales, for whom he should have retired with twenty odd caps for. I know that May 6th is all about Roger, and rightly so, and it’s going to be great to see Mark Hughes at the Vetch, but I know who my eye’s will be on in the white of Swansea City, SUPER JOHNNY CORNFORTH"


"My favorite present player has to be Roger Freestone, as an ex keeper myself always kept a close eye on our keepers, Roger has been the best one we have had since I started watching the swans in 85-86. Past player has to be John Hodge, best little winger I’ve seen down the vetch, could beat anyone and whip in a superb ball"

Roger Russell (Life Long Jack)

"Andy McFarlane, no, i’m not having a laugh (much). Whilst in all honesty I have more affection for other players, this bloke will always be a star to me. Yes he was a donkey but he was a trier and had his own sort of style. Obviously we’ll always remember him for that goal against huddersfield in that game, but he had plenty of other moments, not least that nightmare against West Brom in that play-off tie. Yep, I’ll always have a chuckle when I think of Big Andy Mac"


"The directness of play, the sheer presence whilst in the area and the consistency of performance along with the constant talking and barking out of orders make Phil James, proprieter of the garibaldi public house, my favourite swansea ‘player’."


"Two players in the recent past who I enjoyed watching in the same team were John Cornforth and Jason Bowen. Cornforth with his passing ability always seemed able to pick out a Bowen run and Bowen would charge at goal, beat a few players…….. and usually miss an open goal! Going a little further back, Tommy Hutchinson oon the left wing taunting opposition full backs was a joy to watch – he was about 40-odd but still made mugs out of a lot of young defenders"

Mark Goddard

"Martin Hayes – I know he was s te, but he scored the winner in extra time in my first Scum away day! And he had some cool songs! He played for Arsenal once as well!!"

Joel Ismail

"My favourite player for the Swans? The mighty Alan Waddle. Strong as an ox,heart of a lion…and blooody tall!"

Simon Thomas

"Robbie James was one of my favourite players No one more exciting than Robbie taking on the opposition. He always had time to stop and talk to fans, sign the kid’s autographs. And whatever the opposition always gave 100%"

Lorraine Corbett

"David Penney – determined bloke, never the most skilled player but couldn’t fault him for commitment and application. Got some important goals too (always remember the winner v Middlesborough in FA cup up at their place!!)"

Wayne Sullivan

"What would we give to have the late great Robbie James in Midfield Saturday. Tackling, Scoring what a player & most of all what a JACK. Also a win on Saturday for the man who Died for the Swans Harry Griffiths"

Jeff Watkins

"I am from Aberystwyth and i’d travel to watch Robbie Martinez play even if he was on his own or had two broken legs…….or both!!"

Peter Evans

"An easy one for me as I saw Curt in his early days, his prime and at the end of his playing days. The man was class, sheer class"

Ceri Thomas

"Leighton James was my favourite player. No-one could dribble a ball the entire length of the line and frustrate the opposition with an inch-perfect cross for many a grateful striker to slot home. Those were the days!"


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