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With everyone preparing for the biggest match in our history against Hull on Saturday, brings you the second in a series of articles written by YOU, the fans. Tonight’s subject is funniest Moments. Take it away lads and lasses……………………….

"In about 1980, (as the opposition keeper had the ball in his hands for a kick out) John Toshack was giving Notts County Goalie – Raddy Avramovic so much close attention, that he just turned to his left and kicked the ball into the North Bank. He was obviously so frustrated that the referee wasn’t penalising Tosh, he just gave up. Cue hysterical laughter from the North Bank"

Jeremy Harding

"Funniest moment at the Vetch? When a couple of the North Bank stuck two huge hands in Dai (the drop) Davies’ goal mouth before a game back in the early eighties. I think ,as ever, he must have been going through a bad patch!"

Simon Thomas (Mags)

"When the jacks had the away end for the Exeter game when we went up and started singing "Your supposed to be at home" to the North bank!"

Jonathan Russ (jruss)

"It had been reported in the Evening post that the manager, John Toshack had fined Curt and Neil Robinson for doing a ‘jimmy riddle’ in the hedge during training. A couple of weeks later, I had taken the day off work to take a bus load of kids to see the players training. It was something the supporters club did annually. They would have a tea party after the bus trip and Tosh always got the players to attend and sign autographs for the kids. A prelude to meeting the players in the Harry Griffiths bar would be a tour of the players changing rooms/ showers ect.. Now (kids) you always get one don’t you???.This boy—was the image of the milky bar kid. While waiting to go into the players changing rooms, I had the kids line up, and let a few in at a time, my arm stretched across the doorway, milky bar kid resting his chin on my arm, spotted Curt and Neil chatting, shouted “hey, you’re the two that did the p ss in the park aren’t you?” Me blushing, and the players just doubled up laughing"


"I remember when we drew with Wycome away to reach the AutoGlass final (i think!). Everyone spilled onto the pitch and my mate Chris lost his shoe in the mud and was hopping around trying to find it under a sea of Swans fans"

Mark Goddard

"Has to be when I first started going down the vetch and being young, my mate stole some adult magazines from a shop, hid them in his jacket, at the time we where in the family terrace (east terrace) so anyway, they are all well covered up. We score, we all jump around like nutters, and out falls these magazines full middle spread (literally) onto the steps in front of everyone. To see my mate scrambling to pick up these magazines was so funny, wet myself nearly"

Roger Russell (Life Long Jack)

"When Cyril pushed over the Millwall manager (sorry don’t know his name) when me met them in the FA Cup a few season ago. Also when i first saw Tate run, he looks like a duck!!"

Matthew Taylor

"Being in the Harvester in Newport making my way round the salad cart and getting hacked off by this gutsy guy infont of me nicking all the salad, just about to give him a real stare, when i realised it was our Roger, made my missus laugh!"

Rob "Abergavenny"

"I remember Steve Thornber coming on as a substitute down the Vetch. He got the ball straight away and then went on a 20 yard run towards our own goal, while most of the crowd were screaming at him wrong way. He could not have been watching the match in the dug-out"

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